Weekly WoTR (Episode 10) – Centurion 7-1 Teamwork

This upgraded version of the Centurion was developed by Leyland Motors and featured an expanded hull, improved cabin design, larger fuel tanks, and enhanced armor.

The Centurion Mk. 7/1 was the ancestor of the MBTs (main battle tanks). It takes the features of the Mk. I, adopts them and improves upon them greatly.

While its propensity for module and crew damage seems to remain, the new Centurion has somewhat tougher armor both on the hull and turret, which combines with the good gun depression and quick acceleration to make it an even fiercer hill-climber.

But probably most significant is the fact that it is able to mount the Tier X caliber 105mm L7A1 cannon; as the [Type 61] and the Leopard prototyp A (which shares the same 105mm L7A1) are the only colleagues with a tier 10 gun, the Mk. 7/1 possesses a significant edge in terms of alpha damage and penetration.

Thanks to its gun, this tank is able to provide top-tier fire support, and should have no problem contributing to a team above its own tier if it hangs back slightly.

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