Interested in a little writing and playing games? Game-Refraction is looking for writers!

Game-Refraction is looking for people willing to play games, watch movies or anime, and write a little bit about them.  As a writer, you will be required to:

  • Write articles/reviews on games (any platform)
  • Write reviews on movies
  • Write reviews on anime
  • Write reviews on hardware

As a perk for writing articles for Game-Refraction, we can send you steam keys/download keys for some of the latest games, as well as some that are still in closed beta/closed alpha.  Articles on alpha/beta games can not be posted until NDA’s are lifted.  Experience the game before anyone else.

As well, you will be entitled to receive media/press passes to certain events.  At these events you would be required to have a good time, take photos, and interview a few people, then write an article or 2 about your experience.  An example of such events would be Penny Arcade Expo, or Comic/Anime conventions, like the Calgary/Edmonton Comic Expo’s.

In order for all this, you must be an active contributor to game-refraction.  The minimum amount of work you would be required to put in is 2 posted article each month (more is always better).

Please submit information and a writing sample to tali@game-refraction.com

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