Interested in a little writing and playing games? Game-Refraction is looking for more writers!

Do you love to play video games, either on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, or PC?  What about Mobile games, or older consoles like the Playstation 3, Xbox360, or even the Nintendo Classic console?

Perhaps you want to share your thoughts on new games coming out, or old classics that have been forgotten.

Game-Refraction is looking for people willing to play games, watch movies or anime, and write a little bit about them.  As a writer, you will be required to do any of the following:

  • Write articles/reviews on games (any platform)
  • Write reviews on movies
  • Write reviews on anime
  • Write reviews on hardware

As a perk for writing articles for Game-Refraction, we can send you steam keys/download keys for some of the latest games, as well as some that are still in closed beta/closed alpha.  Articles on alpha/beta games can not be posted until NDA’s are lifted. Experience the game before anyone else.

As well, you will be entitled to receive media/press passes to certain events.  At these events you would be required to have a good time, take photos, and interview a few people, then write an article or 2 about your experience.  An example of such events would be Penny Arcade Expo, or Comic/Anime conventions, like the Calgary/Edmonton Comic Expo’s.

In order for all this, you must be an active contributor to Game-Refraction.  The minimum amount of work you would be required to put in is 2 posted article each month (more is always better).

Please submit some information via the JOIN US link at the top!

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