The PaxPrime 2015 Blog

Wednesday August 26, 2015

We woke up about 3:45am MST.  Eager to go to Pax, and about an hour earlier than we were expecting to wake up.  We quickly dressed, packed up the car, and headed out, our long journey begins.  A short stop at Mcdonalds for a coffee and a coke, we hit the hi-way and started heading south.  Several hours later we made a short pitstop in Fernie BC to refuel Ruby (aka the car), and a quick stop to the restroom, and we were good to go again.

About 10am PST we crossed the border at Kingsgate.  Everything has been smooth sailing so far, aside from  the somewhat thick smoke that filled the air.  We continued to drive, stopping again only in Spokane for another load of fuel and to empty our bladders.  We were making great time.

We continued to drive until arriving at Kent WA by around 5pm PST.  We located our hotel room and checked in for the night.  A few friends had asked us to pick up some ‘non-available in Canada’ items from the local shops and then we stopped for supper.  Early to bed tonight, with a busy day of sight seeing and picking up our passes tomorrow.

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