YouTuber Spotlight: JackSepticEye

NOTE: this was titled originally as a review, but that was in error, and it is a spotlight

Sean also known as Jack is a loud Irish YouTuber with hilarious game play on his channel. He covers games such as; Slime Rancher, Geoguessr, and Would you Rather. His videos are very entertaining but one thing to note is that you should always turn down your volume if wearing headphones as he starts each of his videos with a notorious high five noise and him yelling “top o’ the morning to ya laddies!”

His channel is probably more suitable for a little bit older audience because of his choice in words. I would highly recommend his channel for a laugh at any time. The past of his channel is actually pretty interesting as he started uploading videos November 12, 2012 and not long after got a shout out from one of the biggest YouTuber’s of all time PewDiePie and gained 16.5 million subscribers in 5 years. the history of Jack or Sean him self is also very interesting. The nickname “Jack” comes from his childhood.

His mother and siblings gave him the nickname because in Ireland, another name of Sean is John, and a common nickname for people called John in Ireland and the UK is Jack. The term SepticEye also came from his childhood. When he was still in school, he got a severe injury to his eye which later became infected. His logo and mascot is a little green eye named Septic Eye Sam of which he has a whole army of thanks to fan meet ups and Expos. He is the youngest of five kids and grew up in the country of Ireland. He recently lived in Westmeath, Ireland and has now moved to Brighton, England. He is believed to be the second biggest Irish celebrity; although he hates being referred to as a celebrity.

There are many games or levels made for him by the community. On November 26, 2016 he streamed episode 100, of happy wheels ending his longest series on his channel. He also has two remix songs made for him one of which is called “Fan Made JackSepticEye Dubstep Remix”, the other is called “All The Way” this is my personal favorite.

Sean attended college twice in Ireland, the first time he did not finish; but the second time he returned and he graduated with the degree. Despite his overwhelming popularity, Jack has remained down to earth. He hasn’t let his popularity go to his head, and admits that he doesn’t describe himself as a celebrity or famous because these terms make him feel uncomfortable. Jack still often interacts with fans, be it on Tumblr reposting fan art and adding thank you comments, or responding to replies on Twitter.

Jack has stated that he met Signe because she is a fan of his. They started talking and became friends, eventually entering a romantic relationship. She hasn’t been shown, appeared, or introduced in any of Jack’s videos on his channel, but she did join Jack and some of his friends in his charity stream on Twitch when they were playing Overwatch. And that is all there is to know about Jack.

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