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Game Review: Overcooked 2 (XBOX ONE X)

Welcome back to the Onion Kingdom, a place of mass chaos and food cooking hilarity. Buckle up for another food flinging, kitchen burning, plates breaking adventure within the chaotic world of Team 17 and Ghost Town Games sequel hit game– Overcooked 2.

The game starts you off where Overcooked left you — an accomplished chef within the Onion Kingdom — revered for your amazing chopping skills and pristine recipe designs. You meet up with the Onion King (and his trusty sidekick Kevin) who is nothing but reverent of your success. He brings out his grand cookbook and begins (in a mad scientist kind of way) developing a recipe of a supernatural bread…. and thanks to some crazed lightning….creates the UNBREAD!

The Unbread are now ravaging the Onion Kingdom, and only the best chefs in the land can help stop them in their yeasty tracks. Or….you…as you are the only available chefs in the land. So yeah….

You are entrusted with the handy “Food Truck” to travel the land, refining your cooking skills to eventually face off with the Unbread.

In the core, the game is about creating the recipes as per orders that popup on the top of the screen, and delivering them within the slotted time to keep the customers happy….and to earn you the money (or points essentially).

The game play is quite similar to that of Overcooked, wherein you travel within the land, completing multiple levels (aka Kitchens) per region, which provide you with various tasks of cooking and skill development. Sometimes a kitchen level will teach you how to cook a new recipe, sometimes it’s a skill of how to cook with one of the new kitchen devices, or even practicing your technique with the newest skill added to this game — throwing raw products around the kitchen.

The throw function helps to shave critical time off, as you can toss products to other chefs in the kitchen (which some divided kitchen levels require), or even right into a pot or pan from afar. No more running like crazy around the kitchen…. just watch out for the trash can!!! 

Unfortunately, completed dishes of cooked food cannot be tossed. Guess flying hot food is not recommended even in a virtual world.

Luckily, the dash skill has also been carried over, because the kitchens are bigger and raw products are placed all over it. Why have things organised….that would only be sensible!!

Within the land, there are unlockable levels that are called “Special Kevin Levels”, and these are designed to be extra difficult and make you work for the stars. These levels move at a quicker pace and require more complex recipes to be completed. The key to success in these levels appears to require strong teamwork and strategy to handle different parts of the process for success. 

The game has added multiple new recipes to learn (and gotten rid of soup because…that was not very complex at all). Some of these recipes, such as sushi or fish and chips, require multiple steps in the cooking process to get them ready to be served to the customer. The game has upped the availability of kitchen devices to include more than just fry pans and cutting boards — now you even have deep fryers, mixers, steamers and pots. All these are crucial in making the delectable treats that the customers demand for. 

The kitchen levels are as zany as the original. Sometimes you will need to run along conveyor belts to get around, or be separated on two different floating kitchens so having to toss products around to complete tasks or even ones that involve the kitchen randomly rearranging itself. One of my favourite was making salads on a hot air balloon while fires randomly started along the kitchen — and then suddenly you crash land into a sushi restaurant and now you got two different order types to make at once. No one seems phased with the fact that there was a crash occur in the middle of the kitchen — no — there is hungry customers….worry about that later.

Each kitchen level gives you a dedicated time limit to cook and deliver as many orders as possible. Each correct order will earn you points towards your total score, and if it is done fast, you get a “tip” added. Deliver an order incorrectly or too slow, you will receive a penalty to your score. Each level has a specified points threshold that determines how many stars you will receive for your efforts. As you go further in the game, you will sometimes wonder how you are expected to get that score with all the complex steps you need to go through just to make the dish….sheesh!

In Overcooked 2, teamwork is fundamental to your success. There are too many tasks that need to be done (food prep, dishes, cooking, etc..) that you need as many cooks in the kitchen as possible. It is safe to say, if you can get at least 1-3 friends to come play with you, it will make playing the levels a lot easier — and even more entertaining as you scream at each other to complete the goals. Nothing says friendships like smacking a friend cause they put the wrong ingredient on the dish you had been working on and now the order is wrong!

This is not to say you cannot play solo, because the game allows you to play as  twin chefs, wherein you toggle with the RB button to have each chef do a task. This unfortunately is time consuming as you swap back and forth to have each chef do one thing at a time.

The game has added to the availability of modes – there is Campaign, Couch Co-op Versus, Online (Matchmaking) Versus and Arcade modes. Campaign and Versus is quite straight forward, while Arcade is basically you just picking a level and setting rules to it (like time limits or point requirements) to play by.

Versus online matchmaking can be tricky, if there are not enough people matched in time to play…you can get stuck playing handicapped 2 versus 1.. which by my experience, is a 100% unfair situation.

Like in the original, completion of a kitchen level will unlock further levels. Once you start playing a bit further in the game, the accumulation of your stars will matter and you may be forced to turn back to go earn more stars before you can continue into new lands. 

At times a new playable chef will also be unlocked, so you can always be changing up what chef you play as during a kitchen battle (this can be changed at the start of every level). I recommend the Unicorn or the Cool Calico Cat.

Overall, I thinks Overcooked 2 is a great sequel to the original Overcooked. While the general game play concepts didn’t change, the addition of new level styles, new recipes and kitchen devices made for a refreshing manic experience. It was so useful to have the addition of the ability to throw products around the kitchen because you used to spend a lot of precious time running from one end of the kitchen to the next to shop, then cook then serve.

The game is well designed for anyone who has played the original Overcooked to pickup and play from where they left off, but is structured at the start with basic teaching of skills… enough for any new gamer to play and not be lost.

I do recommend that if you can, play with one or more people as the game is very difficult solo, and it will be near impossible to get those high scores needed in the more advanced kitchens.There is no mercy for those who play solo, the levels are not made any easier or more difficult based on the number of players. It is also critical, whether playing couch co-op or online via headsets, that you communicate and delegate on what each person will do otherwise everything will fall apart. You cannot do everything one by one by yourself!

My most favourite addition to Overcooked 2 — the emotes! At the end of each play through of a kitchen, when your stars and scores are displayed, you can select between seven different emotes to communicate your feelings of the round.

Overcooked 2 is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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Game Review: Overcooked (XBox One)
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