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Game Review: Dangerous Golf (Xbox One)

Have you ever watched golf and thought.. “I could hit the ball that hard.”… Well now you can take that golf ball, crank it up to 11 and hit it that hard through $1000 champagne!

Developer Three Field Entertainment brings you Dangerous Golf, and now gives you that chance among also destroying pies, priceless pieces of art and antiques, gas pumps, and the odd urinal. It should be noted that Three Fields Entertainment, is a development team of a mere eleven people, many of them have previous pedigree of being part of the famous Burnout series.

Based on items you destroy, you will earn a cash value score, the more your smash….the better the totals. There are pre-set parameters that determine your success of destruction, and reward you with a medal standing varying between bronze and platinum.

The game has several playable modes, one single player and three multiplayer modes, one online the other two are couch co-op.

World Tour is the general single player, where you follow a preset plan of scenarios to smash. These tours are uniquely named, such as Sorry We’re Closed, Fruit Bowl or The Terribles. In order to successfully win the tour trophy, you must destroy enough to achieve a medal in every scenario in the tour. When one tour is completed, it automatically unlocks the next.

The available multiplayer modes include Co-op World Tour, Party Golf (offline), and Party Golf (online). Depending on how competitive of a gamer you are, Co-op World Tour has both players smash the same scenario one after the other to optimize smashed success, thus combining their scores for an ultimate score total. On the other hand, Party Golf has each player try the scenario and compete for the better scores,

Party golf is my preferred route, because I find it more entertaining to compete against other people to see who can cause the most destruction.

In Dangerous Golf, you only get 2 shots at the ball per round. You have the tee off and the sinking of golf ball… that’s it. There is an exception to the rule though. But what makes the game more than just the typical mini golf game, is that alongside your shots there is an additional feature called a Smashbreaker. A Smashbreaker is available when a player breaks at minimum the pre-determined number of items in the level, which can vary between levels. With this, you can send your ball flying around the room as a laggy mini fireball, under full control by the player manipulating camera and directional thumb sticks, and allows for further destruction. This feature is what helps amp up your score as you can destroy more items, find secret “signature moves”, unlock “smash headlines”, destroy the hidden “secret sauce”…and so much more. The Smashbreaker has a limited time of usage based on a quickly decreasing level bar on the bottom of the screen, so you need to work fast to destroy as much as possible.

After either the crappy tee off that doesn’t earn a Smashbreaker, or after you are done flaming the ball, you now have an opportunity to sink the putt. If you are lucky to sink a hole-in-one you get a re-tee and a chance to have what is called a double smashbreaker. If you don’t sink the ball in the end , your final score is cut in half, no matter how amazing you did in the round (and that’s just…sad).

The game has you play in four different countries; France, Australia, England, and the United States. This allows you to experience various “destructible” environments all around the world, one moment you are destroying a kitchen in the States, and next a room in a mansion in France. In each of these environments there are several pre-set scenarios that outline a unique “signature item”. If you smash all of these, you will perform a Signature Smash, which rewards you with lots of extra cash. Many scenarios have two Signature Smashes, making it even more complex, yet challenging to strive for.

Beyond all that, various holes will contain other unique features that can make or break the round. Things like hazards, warp holes, money flags, reveal flags and pistol-t putt all add to the complexity. If the ball hits a marked signature hazard, its instant round over. Warp holes allow for transportation of the ball to another place in the environment, perhaps safely around a hazard. Money flags are earned and they vary from bronze to platinum, sinking a hole in these earns extra cash, and allows you to re-putt after a sink in the hole. Reveal flags are unique flags that only come visible once a set condition is met in the round, which sometimes is the reason why you can’t get a hole-in-one. Pistol-t putts are laser precision putts that help to aim focus and get the perfect shot. All of these increase the challenge of the scenario and sometimes cause you to need to use strategy to plan your putt.

While this game at first is exciting and a thrill to play, because who doesn’t like the idea of total madness and destruction, however, after playing it straight for awhile it seems to lose its appeal. Simply because each scenario, while hosted in various environments, has the same simple goal…. smash as much as you can and then get a hole-in-one. With no catchy soundtrack to help keep the energy of the game, after a few

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rounds, I have had enough and need to switch to a more stimulating game. Having another person to play the game with helps to increase the overall enjoyment of the game as the thrill of smash competitiveness keeps you invested in the game longer.

Overall the game is visually appealing, good graphic design and detail and an amazing concept. As a basic lazy play type game, I recommend it for any gamer collection. While you may only wish to play a round or two at a time, it also is interesting enough to keep you coming back to it over and over. So rather than being a game that you play for hours straight and toss to the side, its one that can utilize its longevity through piece by piece gaming.

Because they are always looking for player feedback and support, in game they even provide their contact email ( and just to show the player how done to earth the development company is.

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