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Game Review: Chariot DLC – The Royal Gadget Pack (Xbox One)

Near a year after the epic release of couch co-op platformer Chariot on Xbox One, developer FRIMA Studios has debuted its first DLC pack – the Royal Gadget Pack (now available exclusive to Xbox One). The Royal Gadget Pack included a new playable character, new gadgets, further items to find in previously played levels and for the achievement geeks— 10 more challenging achievements to complete.

The Royal Gadget Pack DLC Features:

  • 10 new challenging achievements
  • New playable character: the Shopkeeper
  • New gadgets (all unlocked at level 1, with 2 upgrade blueprints per gadget hidden in existing levels)
  • Shield Bubble – Protects you from everything – including looters! Hold jump to bounce.
  • Omni Boots – Allows you to walk normally on any surface – ice, quicksand, even lava!
  • Stasis Field – Freezes EVERYTHING in place (except people).
  • Warp Beacon – Use to set beacon; use again to warp the Chariot including any riders.
  • Royal Arms – Gives each character their own special attack.

Now with no new levels (beyond the hidden entrances), but the addition of a bunch of new gadgets to tinker with, it poses the question on if this DLC makes it worth revisiting Chariot?images

The Shopkeeper is a fan favorite and I am pleased to see that he is available for solo and co-op gameplay, providing a new option for gameplay. Beyond the excitement of being able to adventure with him though, his attack to defend against looters is very weak in the form of a bone projectile that doesn’t travel very fast or far. This makes him virtually unreliable for quick defense of the chariot. For levels without looters, he is a fine comical addition to the team.

The five new gadgets are exciting additions to gameplay. They are useful in taking some of the difficulty out of the main levels that required a lot of time and careful planning/navigation to complete. My personal favorite Is the Omni Boots, because you can interface with any hazardous surface as if it were a normal surface, making some of the levels much simpler to navigate. It is a benefit to anyone who hasn’t been able to finish the original game yet to get the DLC simply for the fact that all original gadgets, plus the five new ones are instantly unlocked to be used from level 1 (less work searching for blueprints). I find that while the new gadgets are interesting additions, they do not provide much use to a solo player, but are quite beneficial when used in tandem in co-op mode.

meh-Screenshot-2015-09-23-20-10-32After experiencing the DLC, I find that if a player was done the game before this DLC Pack released, it won’t add anything that would fully draw the player back for a long term play. Those who have never played the game or have not made it through the game much will have much more benefit to come back now and use the new gadgets to help deal with the tricky levels that would normally hold the player back from completion.
I find it strange that this type of add-on DLC is coming so late after initial game release, as it doesn’t have a lot of content, and is something I would have expected more within a few months of release. Luckily the pricing is reasonable for the content provided in this DLC, especially since during the original game was available for free during the October 2014 Games With Gold.

While I feel in general the DLC doesn’t add much value to the game currently, I hope that there is more DLC to still come, perhaps that contains more levels to add to the storyline.Floating-bones

The DLC the Royal Gadget Pack is available now on Xbox One for only $2.49. The Chariot and Royal Gadget Pack DLC bundle will also be available for $15.99

Warning From Reviewer: The DLC caused my save file to disappear. I had to start my game all over from scratch. I have heard this same report from many other games who downloaded the DLC. Buyer Beware. 🙁

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