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Hardware Unboxing: XBOX ONE X

The day was August 20, 2017 — XBOX Mixer stream conferenece from Gamescom.

Here I was covering the conference as it played out on the XBOX One Mixer, getting excited about all the new upcoming games, but especially for all the continuous little tid bits that were being given about the latest hidden project from Microsoft XBOX — Project Scorpio.

Then…..Major Nelson came onto the screen and he had a surprise for all of the gaming geeks out there — the first official unboxing of the newest XBOX ONE X – Project Scorpio Edition. It was a moment that stopped time. I could not wait to get my hands on one!!

And then suddenly the official word came forth… XBOX ONE X was live for pre-order!

I dashed to my computer and logged into the Microsoft website to find the website linked to my local distributors for the system. Best Buy was already showing Out of Stock, as was EB Games … but Walmart had some! Without any hesitation I quickly placed the order via Walmart.ca and salivated at the sight that my order had been processed. I was now going to be one of the people who was going to have a Day One Edition of the XBOX ONE X –Project Scorpio Edition.

Flash forward to November 7, 2017 – the XBOX ONE X releases officially!

I should have been extra excited on this day, but thanks to delayed shipping I was unable to receive my new shiny console until November 14. Nothing like having to wait around for your new toy while everyone else is enjoying theirs (sad face).

But it was worth the wait…

The packaging of the XBOX ONE X is much like any other console, study cardboard, nice imaging. But how nice does it look to see the Project Scorpio Edition markings. Makes it feel so much more special than just a basic console package, its more like a secret suitcase full of the golden gem.

There isn’t much more on the packaging itself, just the general information about the system and the contents that should be inside.

Now…it was time to open the box. Hold your breath, let your heartbeat steady…

When you open the box, all the contents are wrapped neatly in white foam and cardboard separating boxes so it takes a few minutes to really get to the goods.

And then… there it was…. the XBOX ONE X.

The system itself is a bit smaller than the original XBOX ONE, and quite lighter in weight. It comes in a blackish grey colour, and since it is Day ONE edition, it is specially embossed with the Project Scorpio markings.

The system comes with the same necessary ports for interfacing with your TV and internet as on the XBOX ONE. Much better laid out so that all the same ports are together rather than all over the back of the console.












The console comes with a new sleek ergonomic controller. The body has a bit of a softer feel to it, and appears to have had a better refinement to fit in your hands better. This is important because you are going to be using it for hours on end. One of the best features that the controller has is an audio jack directly on it, so there is no further need for an adapter in order to plug your headset in for those intense online match-ups. Other than that, besides the general colour layout of the buttons, it is generally similar to that of the original XBOX ONE controller. Again, marked with the Project Scorpio labeling.

A additional component sent with the XBOX ONE X is a console stand. Unlike the XBOX ONE, which was meant to be left in a horizontal position, the XBOX ONE X has been designed to fit anywhere by utilizing the ability be placed vertically. The stand snaps into the body of the XBOX ONE X, ensuring stability and secure positioning. While I think this is a great idea for those who need space for all the consoles they have, previous versions of XBOX have had issues with the disk drive failing or having issues when ran vertically. So it’s yet to be determined if this issue was resolved for the ONE X.

Of course in the box is promo swag – a few key chains (one from Shadows of War and one from XBOX) and some thumbstick skins from the Assassins Creed: Origins. These two games were advertised as huge console release games as they were developed with the utilization of the XBOX ONE X’s 4K capabilities.

Overall the XBOX ONE X is a fantastic shiny new addition to the console family, and while only those who pre-ordered the original Day One editions will be able to enjoy the rights of having one that is a Project Scorpio Edition, it is going to be a huge hit in the holiday buying season and beyond.

You can get your hands on an XBOX ONE X by following one of these Amazon links:

[amazon_link asins=’B074WPGYRF,B01GW8VG7O’ template=’CopyOf-PriceLink’ store=’gamerefractio-20′ marketplace=’CA’ link_id=’3af8a501-cd79-11e7-875b-bf21ff9deda9′]


XBOX Official Website: https://www.xbox.com/en-ca/xbox-one-x

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