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Hardware Unboxing: Scuf Gaming Controllers for Xbox One & PS4

Back when we were planning for Pax West, we get tons of emails from game developers asking for times to be setup for interviews with them.  It gets a bit tedious during the last few weeks prior to the event because our schedule is starting to fill up, and we get more and more email requests.  Once in a while a request comes through that really catches your eye.  This year I received a press release from Scuf Gaming, a manufacturer of custom gaming controllers for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I immediately sent them an email request to see if we could arrange an interview at Pax West 2017.  Even though we were not going, it seemed like a good opportunity for Game-Refraction to meet another company in the industry of providing the best for games.

After a few back and forth emails, an interview was setup.  You can view that interview here.  In the mail shortly after Pax West, we received a box from Scuf Gaming, and this is what was inside.

Inside the large shipping box was 4 other boxes, 2 of them containing a controller, the other 2 containing an assortment of accessories for them.  Lets dig into them now and see what there is.

One of the controllers is the Scuf Infinity for the Xbox One (and PC).  The front of the box shows a red controller with a bunch of parts exploding off the controller, demonstrating what you can customize and remove.  On the back is a breakdown of the different parts, showing colors and options available.  Sliding off the outer sleeve you are greeted with a black 2-part box, in which the lid pulls off to reveal the controller, packed neatly in a foam cut-out for protection.  Also inside with the controller is a thumb-stick removal key, 2 AA batteries, a thank you card, a magnetic reprogram tool and instructions on how to use it.

The controller itself has a customized color scheme that is chosen when you pick your controller.  This one we picked is called Anodized silver, and has lots of options available.  The basic Xbox One layout is there, with the 2 thumb-sticks, directional D-pad, left/right triggers & bumpers, as well as the 4 standard buttons.  On the back however is the magic, with 4 remap-able triggers that can be programmed at the factory, or by you using the key to tie into the 4-buttons on the front, which is useful when you are playing those first person shooters and you are aiming with the right thumb-stick.  Now you don’t need to take your thumb off the thumb-stick to fire.

The back of the infinity controller also has a textured military grip to give you extra grip when your hands get sweaty from the tense matches you will be playing.  The controller also has a USB port for charging, or if you are a PC player, using the controller on the PC.  Batteries are stored in the normal place, and are not needed if using the USB cord. I have not tried the controller with rechargeable batteries, so I don’t know if the controller will charge while plugged in.

Scuf Gaming Impact Playstation 4 Controller

The other controller box was labeled as a PlayStation 4 Impact, but the box showed basically the same details as the Xbox One Infinity.  Inside was again a controller, a mag key and a thumb-stick removal tool.  There were cutouts for batteries but none were provided since the PlayStation 4 controllers don’t have user replaceable batteries.

Looking closer at this controller we chose the a Scuf Impact Vortex, with a red vortex motif on the front shell.  Tali is going to use this one for testing since she loves the color red and is more comfortable with the Playstation controller.  The features are generally the same as the Xbox One Infinity with some subtle differences.  There is no removable battery, just like normal PS4 controllers.  The triggers on the bottom are again reprogram-able with the mag key, and the textured grip is there.

The other 2 boxes both contained accessories for each controller.  A breakdown of what was included is as follows

Scuf Xbox One Infinity

  • A Scuf Gaming Toque
  • A replacement thumb-stick removal tool with 2 black lock rings
  • A set of 3 thumbsticks (3 different sizes)
  • A controller carry case
  • A 10ft braided USB A to USB micro cable (Green)
  • Replacement grips
  • Gamer Grip Solution


Scuf Playstation 4 Impact

  • A Scuf Gaming Toque
  • A 4-pack of replacement thumb-sticks (2 sizes, concave and convex tops)
  • A #teamscuf rubber wristband
  • A #Teamscuf lanyard
  • A replacement thumbstick removal tool with 2 black lock rings
  • A Scuf Gaming leather wallet loop
  • Gamer Grip Solution
  • A 10ft braided USB A to USB micro cable (Blue)

We expect to have a review up in the coming weeks after we have had some time to test these out.  Make sure to check back.

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