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Hardware Review: Xbox One PUBG Limited Edition Controller

For my first review for Game Refraction I am reviewing the brand new limited edition Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds controller made by Xbox. As a fan of PUBG since it was an early access title on Steam and now full 1.0 release on the Xbox One I am excited to get some play time with this controller. 

First I wanna start with the design, which by the way looks beautiful! The black digital camo design has a gritty and worn look to it, making you feel like you’ve been in battle. There is a blue circle around the left joystick, and crosshairs around the right joystick. All buttons are blacked out so as not to distract your eyes from the game. 

Now turning to the back of the controller the battery cover has a nice PUBG logo (so you don’t forget which game to play). The right trigger has a red X painted on for all the headshots you can handle. Now here is where it gets interesting, not only does this controller have grips on the back of the controller but for the first time ever this controller has trigger grips! That way when you’re in the top 10 and things are getting sweaty your finger doesnt slip off when going in for the kill. They’ve also included Xbox Live Gold code and Game Pass code as well as a code for in game content.

As far as features go I knew about the trigger grips (which is super exciting!) but the controller always allows for button mapping and bluetooth functionality so you can play on a Windows 10 PC and tablet. Also, as with all new Xbox One controllers, it has the 3.5mm stereo headset jack for use with any headphone. 

This controller comes in at $69.99 but looks to currently be on sale on the Xbox website for $59.99 and free shipping! 

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