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Game Review: Gato Roboto (XBOX ONE)

Currently, the best place to find some of the newest games (both high demand and indie) is the XBOX Game Pass. This fairly inexpensive service gives you access to a huge library of many games that can fill the need for the craving for a demo of a game you are interested in buying – but wanna try first – and satisfies the desire to play a classic hit that was only playable with a system that is currently growing dust in the back of your closet.

I love to try new games – no matter how odd they sound – and this is one of them.

Gato Roboto – is a single-player action-adventure game from the minds of Devolver Digital (My Friend Pedro, Reigns) via ID@XBOX- wherein you are a faithful kitty companion (named Kiki) tasked with trekking through an alien wilderness to help save your stranded captain and his crashed spaceship.

The wilderness is full of traps, hidden items, and fierce creatures who are ready to stop you in your mission. Luckily, you can control a robot suit that throughout the game will get weapon upgrades so that you can tackle anything that is sent your way – especially boss battles. The suit is also critical for accessing some locations that are blocked by a wall or orb – the use of firepower is a must in the success of this game.

Actual In Game Footage – via gamertag: CrimsonMariposa

Sometimes though, you will need to use feline instinct and adventure outside the safety of your robot suit to access hidden areas that are tucked behind tight access points. Sadly – there will always be some kind of enemy await your arrival so you need to keep on high alert (and button-mashing fingers ready).

Additional note — Kiki likes water, but robosuit does not!

The nice part of this game is that you don’t technically have a life count – when your NRG (life bars) run out, you just respawn from the last save location. (rooms with a floating disk symbol in them).

Actual In Game Footage – via gamertag: CrimsonMariposa

The gameplay is very fluid and there isn’t much learning to do to play – there is a controlled left to right scrolling camera, jumping and firing your weapons, and ejecting from your robot suit. This makes the game suitable for anyone to grab a controller and jump in to play immediately.

One complaint I have though, Kiki cannot jump very high when it really is needed – those boss battles require quick moves. I understand it’s a cat in robot suit, but where is the boost thrusters or something.

The visuals and choice in audio are very basic, black and white with simple monotone music, but perhaps is the best part of the game overall. This game brings the gaming experience back to the original days – pixilated environments and characters, simplistic controls, and straight forward goals/challenges. It is a game that while looks too easy will actually draw you in as you navigate and strategize on how to accomplish certain goals – especially when it comes to figuring out how to avoid another enemy attack.

I would recommend that anyone who has access to XBOX Game Pass try out the game and take a moment to enjoy one made to fill your life with the serenity of simplicity with a touch of wild chaos.

Find Gato Roboto on XBOX Game Pass or the XBOX Marketplace by following the below link:

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Simplistic Design And Gameplay

The game gives you something that is so simple that it is calming to the senses - then hits you hard when you are entrenched in a boss battle that involves more button mashing that you are expecting. It is a game for all types of gamers and can become addictive very quickly.

Overall Gameplay: