First Impressions: Mafia 3 (Xbox One)

“You should’ve said yes.”

In Mafia 3 you play as Lincoln Clay who has just returned from the Vietnam War in 1968 to New Bordeaux, a re-imagined version of New Orleans. You are part of the Black Mob as Sammy Robinson the leader took you in when no one else would when you left the orphanage. He is basically your surrogate father.

You start the game already having heisted an armoured truck. As you take control of Lincoln you have to grab the keys and drive the truck to the Federal Reserve. Though you have an option of taking the one dead body and feeding him to the crocodile outside, which in the first two minutes of the game is already a highlight even before driving the truck.

When you arrive at the Federal Reserve, you are immediately verbally assaulted by the guard as you are black and he is white (being as true to the time as they can be, developer Hanger 13, has chosen to include racism, bigotry and general hate that was concurrent to the time). You take the cash to the burn room and knock out the guard and break into the vault where your accomplice, Giorgi sets off an alarm and that is when things get interesting. While he collects the money you have to defend him from the incoming guards. After you kill a few guards and grab the machine gun from the vaults armoury, they throw in smoke grenades and that is when the game has a flashback sequence.

Now this just a taste of the game but it introduces you to the general gameplay mechanics. The stealth element, driving, and gun play.. even some hand to hand combat. Now I like the hand to hand combat; it has got some weight behind it and it’s pretty satisfying when you eviscerate somebody with a knife. It might seem like a lot but Hangar 13 does a good job of pacing the gameplay so you can get used to the controls.

Now the true perk of this game is the soundtrack. They have have great songs such as The Rolling Stones Paint it Black and other great bands and track from the era of the Sixties. The sound effects offer a good excuse just to curb stomp someone so you can hear the squish underneath your boot.

This is only a smattering of the game but I’m enjoying every moment of it and can’t wait to finish it and write a full review for it.