First Impression: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (XboxOne)

Bigger, Badder, Bigger is the motto of the second installment of the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare series and it safe to say it is indeed bigger, badder, bigger

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (PvZGW2) is a third person shooter twist on an original tower defense game. Instead of planting the plants to defend your home from the zombies you are the plant or if brains are your thing you can be the zombies battling to chew down every plant in their path.

The main story takes place in Backyard Battleground which is at a stale mate where each team isn’t getting land or losing land. It is literally split down the middle. Depending what team you choose you’ll be doing tasks for either Dr. Patient or Crazy Dave Bot 3000 to hopefully turn the tide of battle to your side. And this is just the single player campaign.

PvZGW2 is a wonder filled adventure as you explore the neighborhood to find hidden collectibles such as gnomes with challenges and puzzles to challenge you. Be warned though make sure you have some stars to unlock some of the collectibles.

Now the whole neighborhood is your world but being a plant or zombie you might not want to stray too far to the other side for fear of getting mauled by weeds or brown coat zombies.

Multiplayer is the main playstyle of the game as there is different modes and garden ops. Garden ops is a wave based system where you and up to three friends hold the line while a total of ten waves come after you to either destroy your garden or tombstone depending on your own team affinity. Among the modes in multiplayer there is your classic team vanquish and welcome mat to ease you into the multiplayer and many more to choose from.

Now you can’t play the single player game and multiplayer without a reward. You’re playing to earn coins which you can then use at the “vending machine” to buy sticker packs. I can safely say there is no other feeling like opening a new pack and seeing what you get. There is various different packs to buy from the cheaper five card packs that have the odd plant or zombie helping cards to the most expensive pack that guarantees unlocking a character.

I have already logged many hours into this game but I would love to get further and check out all the hidden goodies that are in the game before writing a full review of the game. Look forward to my full game review in the coming weeks.

While you wait….why not dive into Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 yourself and create some fertilizer.