DLC Review – Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser (Xbox One)

Downloadable content can sometimes make people roll their eyes, complain about the industry, or open someone’s wallet. Most content is usually reserved for extra costumes, more characters, better armor or side missions that, context wise, could fit anywhere in the main story. Trespasser decides to buck the trend and craft a narrative chain of events set well after the end of the main game. During this 5-6 hour adventure you’ll shape the fate of not only the Inquisitor, but the Inquisition as well.

Providing you have already worked past the final boss in DA: Inquisition, then you may think you already know what to expect from the outcome of this downloadable installment, and for the most part, that is true.

Set two years after Corypheus has been slain by the hand, or rather, the mark of the Inquisitor, you are summoned to Orlais to speak to the Exalted Council about the now relevance of your Inquisition. This council consists of representatives from Orlais, Ferelden and the new Divine.

Since the last game it seems that a few of your party members had gone their separate ways and you’ll find them here in at the Winter Palace in Orlais to reminisce about old times and also to catch up. As being the player, I found this great as it let you learn what everyone has been up to during this time, but as my character themselves, I found it odd that they didn’t have some correspondence going on with the various characters.

I enjoyed that even with some serious ramifications to what the story was going to do to my Inquisitor and the Inquisition, that the fun and sometimes flat out hilarious character moments are still present. Whether it was Cullen trying to train a dog, Cassandra reading more of Varric’s books, or Sera running around with random bits of ham while I was having a spa day, these moments were a real treat to see.

Political talks wouldn’t be as exciting without some conspiracy and action in the background, and sure enough, Trespasser delivers on that. When a dead Qunari soldier ends up being found within the walls of Orlais, it unleashes a chain of events that could lead to an all out war.

As you progress through this story arc, it was really hard to stay interested in who the overall main villain was going to be. If you saw the final scene at the end of the main game, then you knew what was going down, as even the trailers of this content pack make you well aware of it. As I fought from cutscene to cutscene my character was tossed cryptic hints as who we were really up against, and she remained puzzled at each clue, meanwhile, I was fully aware of who and what I was up against. The entire story doesn’t stay fully predictable, as there are a few events that I didn’t see coming.

The Inquisitors mark, the bit of magic that stopped the rifts plaguing Thedas two years ago is brought into play again with a few new mechanics this time around. You will get three upgrades to it during your adventures here, each expanding on the former. First, your mark will grant an invincible shield that lasts just a few seconds. This can be good for walking through fire traps, or when an enemy is about to unleash a hard hitting attack. The second is the alteration to that ability, as it comes with a blast effect that does damage to nearby enemies. The third is a step further, but I’ll leave its effects and cause a secret as it is a little spoilery.

Trespasser is a narrative heavy adventure that caps off the story for this installment of Dragon Age. It leaves us with some questions, but it allows us a bit of closure on a few choices, characters, and arcs. The party I played with consisted of Sera, Dorian and Iron Bull. I highly recommend Iron Bull as mowing down hundreds of Qunari with one at my side makes for a very interesting moment later in the story. I really enjoyed where my characters romance with Sera ended up, and the final shot before the slide style credits (which move way too damn fast if you ask me) was just perfect.

I enjoyed my time with Trespasser and unlike the first two expansions, this felt worthwhile to the story and its characters. I was hoping for more variety in the areas to explore and a much better dragon fight than what you’re given, but the story wins in the end as Trespasser is a perfect compliment to what the main game had left us with. If you only purchase one DLC pack for Dragon Age: Inquisition, then this should be it.

Trespasser is $14.99 and is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It can be bought through the store of whatever platform you are playing it on. With EA Access on Xbox One, you will be able to save 10% off its price.

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