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Top 10 Recommended Mobile Apps by Game-Refraction

There are a lot of mobile apps available on both the Itunes app store, as well as the google play, Amazon and the Windows App store.  In each store respectivly, you can find thousands of apps that all do the same thing, from a flashlight app to a app to help get those new ringtones you’ve been thinking about.  Every day, people rely on their mobile devices to do every day tasks, and those tasks often require an app.  So here at Game-Refraction, we’re going to give you a top 10 list of our most recommended apps for your mobile device.  These are the “must have” ones that we cannot live without.  Now this list might contain stock apps for a specific brand/device.  Remember, these are our favorite ones


Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

OS: Android 5.01

  1. YNAB – This one is at the top of my list because it is such a handy tool.  This program REQUIRES the paid version on a PC, which will run you about $60 (its even available on steam) but for any budgetting software, this one is great.  It opened my eyes to see where money was going.  The PC version has a 35 day free trial to use before committing to purchasing.
  2. Time Recording Pro – If you work at an hourly job, and need to track your hours, this is THE app to use.  it is robust, works amazing, and it syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive etc…   Know how much your gross pay will be before you see your paycheck.  Also great to make sure you are not getting ripped off in hours.  There is a free version with limited functionality to try out before you buy it, but it is only $1 on the play store.
  3. Google Rewards – If you have an android phone and don’t have this, you are basically missing out on free google play credits you can use to purchase apps on the play store.  While sometimes the time between surveys can be long, and the payouts for surveys are low (sometimes $0.10) it is still free money for the play store.
  4. Google Keep – Best note taking app I’ve seen.  I love how it can sync using your google account, which is a big win in my eyes.  Runner up for me is S note, only because of the S pen on the Note 4.
  5. Google Authenticator – One of the best wasy to keep your google account secure, this app generates a code every 30seconds when opened any time you need to authenticate your google account.
  6. Google Photos – I liked the original photo’s app, and this one is even better.  There is a lot of features, and the unlimited storage is a great feature.  I used to rely only on dropbox, but now this is my go to for cloud picture storage.
  7. Dropbox – Even though I don’t actually use the app every day, it is always running in the background, as my Time Recording Pro, photo’s and other files I have continuously being auto backed up with Dropbox, making this app a must have.
  8. Fuel Log Pro – As a car owner, sometimes it might be handy to monitor information about your driving.  It has many benefits from my point of view, such as fuel amount budgeting to monitoring performance of your vehicle.  Fuel Log is a very simple app that can monitor pretty much every cost associated with operating your vehicle, or vehicles.  From tracking fuel economy to how much you drive or spend on maintenance, it is a great app worth the $1 to get the pro version.  I used the free version for about 1yr before upgrading, and I’m glad I did.  Its worth checking out.
  9. Zedge – If you need a place to get new Wallpapers, ringtones or notification sounds, then Zedge is your one stop place to get them all.  This app allows you to browse and download any and all ringtones, notification tones and wallpapers.  Neatly split into catagories as well as having an integrated search, you can pretty much find anything your heart would desire.  A free app, with in-app adverts which you really don’t notice, its a great place to find that amazing ringtone.
  10. Chrome Remote Desktop – I’ve had this app on my both my phone and tablet since it was released.  Its not something I use all the time, but you never know when it will be needed.  Once this app is installed on your desktop or laptop, and enabled for remote support, you can connect to your desktop or laptop from your mobile device and control it as if you were there.  The controls are simple, and it works great as long as your connection speed on both sides is decent.  There is the usual lag/slowdown on the control when things are taking up bandwidth, but for general tasks its perfect.  its been tested to run games too, but that makes the performance even worse, so I wouldn’t recommend using it for that.

Honorable Mention: 9gag – 9Gag is a great time waster when you have nothing to do. An amazing collection of funny memes and pictures from around the internet, it is a great way to waste time.  Its my honorable mention due to the fact I only recently started using this app (thanks to Tali) and thought it was worth a mention.  Similar apps people might like are FML, Reddit ect…


Device: Samsung Galaxy S4

OS: Android 5.01

1. 9Gag – This is a great app to have if you have time to kill and want to brighten your day. If I need a pick me up this is my go to. There are numerous pages within the app to browse, from Hot for those just looking for a quick read and don’t spend a lot of time on the app, to the Trending page for those who spend at least half hour a day on the page (these people also tend to up-vote or down-vote) to the Fresh page for those that live on 9Gag- these people up-vote, down-vote and COMMENT on a lot of posts. I tend to stick to the Trending section.

2. S Health – I use this app on a daily basis to log my food intake, steps (as it is hooked up to my Samsung Gear 2), heart rate, sleep,temperature and weight. I use this to track my weight loss. All you have to do is search your food and the calories are already there (provided what you have eaten is uploaded in the app- if it isn’t I just manually enter it)

3. Facebook Messenger – I like this app as when you have a conversation with someone a little bubble shows up with your conversation. I also like the feature that allows you to see if and when the message was read – just in case you have that one friend that does not respond.

4. Spotify – I love this app and I ALWAYS have it on, at home, at work and if I had unlimited data I would have it on in my car. I tried the free 1 month premium trial to be able to listen to them offline. I will be subscribing to the premium once I have time to set it up. You are able to make your own playlist or simply listen to one of the ones they have built. I have many different pre-loaded playlists favorited so that I have lots of choices depending on my mood. They have something for EVERYONE! If you have not checked it out yet you need to!!

5. YNAB – My reasonings are the same as Davids. It opened my eyes to see where money was going. However if you are trying to surprise your S.O. with a gift it can be tricky if you are sharing the same YNAB account. I tend to just take cash out at the ATM and mark it as spending money. But all in all it is a great tool.

6. Google Rewards – Who doesn’t want free money?? And all you have to do is answer a few questions every now and then. I have already bought a few games and even an online graphic novel. I have Google Rewards on my son’s phone as well as he is always wanting to buy something, so it is teaching him to save up for what he wants and to think if he actually wants to spend his ‘money’.

7. Soundhound – Don’t know the name of a song and it is either a) bugging you that you don’t remember what it is or b) it’s a new to you song or freshly released and you like and you want it. I Soundhound everything. It is a free app and works as long as you have data or wifi.

8. YouTube – My son uses this app all the time to watch his favorite youtubers. I use it to watch the latest music video for my favorite artists or most importantly the new trailers for upcoming movies. It is easy to navigate and free to use.

9. Google Keep – I love making my lists on here as I can share them with David or my daughter. Grocery lists that we can both add to and not be in the same room. I put my daughters locker combination on it so that if she forgets it I can tell her (or if I need to go find something in her locker). You are able to color code things, so for instance my grocery lists are red, movies to watch are purple, etc. I would highly recommend this app to any list maker or organized person like myself.

10. Photo Grid – Absolutly love making mini scrapbook/collages of my children and family before posting them to Facebook or Instagram. When I was selling my itWorks stuff I used to get more of a punch. It is simple to use and has many different layout options, once you get the layout you want you can then switch your pictures to where you want it. This app is perfect if you want to do before and after pictures as well. And once again this app is also free to get.


Honorable Mention: FML– think your day is going bad and need a pick me up? This is my go to. As human beings we all laugh at others misfortunes, we would love to say we don’t but come on.. we all do (as long as it does not involve harming animals/babies or small childern)

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