Unboxing: Overwatch Collector’s Edition (PC)

Like many out there in the last few days I was anticipating the release of the new Blizzard title, Overwatch. I don’t go in for many Collector’s Edition boxes, but Blizzard tends to make good extras and throw in items for their Collector’s items. So, if I get the chance, I usually grab one up at work and have it shipped out to me.

To start with, this box is very nice looking, but also one of the largest Collector’s Edition boxes I’ve had since the Halo Master Chief Helm. All of the box art with all the characters along the outside looks great.

Once opening up the box I’m met with the box for the Soldier 76 Statue on one side, and all the other extras. I started out with the Statue box to see how well made and how detailed Soldier 76 is. Even on taking the styrofoam out of the box I noticed that it has logos for Blizzard and Overwatch in it. Seems a little unnecessary but if you’re looking to dress everything up nicely, it does the trick. The stand and the statue were in perfect condition when I pulled them out, and the Soldier 76 statue was very well detailed. It’s not painted but I’m sure anyone with enough care and time can do that on their own, though that’s definitely not me. I wouldn’t have the skill or time to paint it well. I’ll personally just leave it as is.

After setting him beside one of my monitors I move on to quickly taking a peek into the art book. As per usual, everything inside looks amazing, and it’s great to see some of the original concept art for the each character and the maps in the game. It even details all of their backstories in the book for people that love the lore aspects, since Blizzard usually puts a lot of effort into story and development. Especially since Overwatch uses left over assets from the failed Project Titan that Blizzard cancelled after several years of development and a full restart midway through.

Underneath the art book I found a set of postcards from each of the levels in the game, and also four cards for other Blizzard titles, as they usually include. A free Jaina unlock code for Heroes of the Storm, 3 free Hearthstone card packs, and Guest Passes for World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2. Though at this point, who doesn’t have most of these anyway? There was also a sound track disk in the box with all the music from the game.

Lastly, the Steelbook for the game disk. As you could have guessed, a nice imprint with Tracer on the cover, and the code for the Noire Widowmaker inside with the game disk. It’s really cool for those people that love having physical copies, but now-a-days these disks just have a simple installer for the Battle.Net launcher to install the game online. I don’t think I’ve seen a game disk that actually runs a game in ages. It’s still pretty cool never-the-less!

Hopefully you enjoy seeing the contents of the box if you hadn’t managed to find a copy of the game for yourself, or maybe you just didn’t want the physical goodies like I did.

Now, time to go practice my aim on people’s faces with Bastion.

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