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Theme Park Boredom

Let’s talk about Theme park Simulator. Watching the videos and hearing the name I thought to myself “this game must be similar to a tycoon game where you can build the park!” and wanted to play it immediately. Once installed I realized I was very, very wrong.

The game is comprised of fixed points that you can enter and “control” the rides that are there. There are 11 rides altogether consisting of the Ferris Wheel, Inverter, Amor Express, Bumper Cars, Tagada, Wild Mouse, Techno Jump, Twister, Tokaido, Kamikaze and last but not least the infamous Viking Ship.

This game seems to be the truest simulation of what it’s like to operate each of these theme park rides, there is no park management in this game. The rides can either be controlled with the on screen tools or you can use different pre-set keys to operate. I ended up using a combination to operate things, but be warned there is a lot of waiting.

The rides in the game now are pretty standard fair or theme park rides, and each one is controlled by letting the event go-ers onto the ride and then securing the seats with the safety cage and then turning the engine up.

So for me the graphics are alright, but if you look closely at the human models they look bland and as if you aren’t supposed to look at them. The rides themselves look to be very low-poly models with decent textures slapped on top. So in my opinion the graphics could use a little work, but that’s not what is holding this game back.

There is no game soundtrack just the sound of the environment and people murmuring, the only “song” is on the main menu and it’s the stuff that will drive you mad. I chose to play this game with the audio muted. The controls are straight forward once you understand how it works, but there is no tutorial for those of us who are unfamiliar.

If you aren’t a true simulator enthusiast I’d probably suggest passing on this game due to the amount of time I spent just figuring out the controls. There is no story campaign or any real goals within the game, you simply control theme park rides mindlessly.

If you are interested you can purchase Theme Park Simulator on Steam for $17.99

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