Game Review: Fallout 4 DLC – Wasteland Workshop (PC)

I’ve been debating on writing a review for this DLC for a little while now.  I wanted to review the series of all the DLC’s for Fallout 4 since I am enjoying that game so much, but is this DLC worth reviewing?

Concrete Building Tab

To start with, this DLC is all focused on the settlement building aspect of Fallout 4.  If you don’t enjoy the settlement building, and have no interest in the settlement building, then this DLC will add no value to Fallout 4.  If you are like me, and have finished the main storyline of the game, and are now enjoying building all kinds of funky creations at your settlements, then the Wasteland Workshop DLC is exactly what was needed.

To start off, this DLC adds tons of new build options to your settlement workshop.  But you need to be careful.  If you installed any mods on the PC version, especially any of the keyword mods, then you will need to remove those mods first otherwise they overwrite the DLC and you won’t have access to its features.  Also look over some of your mods carefully, as the Wasteland Workshop DLC might have replaced some of them, making them not required anymore.  I found this was the case with some of my mods, and decided to remove them.

Fusion Core Power Generator

Starting off, in my opinion the best addition with the Wasteland Workshop DLC was the addition of the Concrete building options, and the Fusion Generator power option.  The concrete options added in a bunch of new structure based additions such as concrete walls, roofs, floors and stairs.  With those come all kinds of options, too many to name.  The concrete choices have changed a lot of the snap functions though, allowing more variety in your building construction.

The Fusion Core Generator is a great addition as it creates 100 units of power for your settlement, and is super quiet.  You no longer need to have farms of regular generators all over your settlements to provide power.  The unit also comes with its own fusion core, so you don’t even need to provide one in the build recipe.  Also added was a new water purification plant which doesn’t require a source of water to generate water for your settlement.  It does require power, but can be mounted at any settlement if you don’t have a source of water.  This is very handy if you didn’t want your supply caravans to transport water.  They do this automatically anyway, but still…

On the lighting side of things, the addition of new neon signage, as well as lighting options such as street lamps and wall lights have been put into the electricity section of the workbench.  Most of these lighting options can drastically change the dynamic of how you light your settlements.  I have found that the street lamps offer a great alternative to the large power pylons allowing you to stretch your power wires to different areas of your settlement, while providing more light at night.

Powered Doors

Have you ever built a structure for yourself and been frustrated because your settlers decided that the bed you put there for yourself was the one they wanted to use?  Well now you can lock your structure up with the new powered doors.  These doors require you to connect power and a switch to open and close them.  The Settlers won’t open them up, which makes them very handy.  They can also be rigged up to have a switch on either side of the door, so you can open or close from both sides.  Check out this (video) for an explanation on how it is done.

So for a DLC, this one added a ton of great settlement building content to allow your creative juices to flow.  If you are not into the settlement building, like I said before sadly this DLC adds nothing for you.  If you have not tried the settlement building yet, you just lucked out and have a whole slew of new tools to use to build whatever you may want.  Go enjoy it, as it’s a lot of fun.

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