Game Review: Fallout 4 DLC – Automatron (PC)

Outside Walden’s Electronic store, an explosion of laser fire pierced the darkness of the night. It was immediately followed by the dull clanking of machinery.  An explosion, more laser fire.  Creeping closer, the sounds of robots fighting were louder.  Peering around the rubble you can see it all, but don’t get to close, or they might see you!

Fallout 4’s first DLC Automatron, like its namesake suggests, is all about robots.  With a big new quest-line to follow, the rewards for completion will open access to a Robot Workbench that you can place at your settlements, and allows you to construct, modify and customize robots in Fallout 4.

The quest-line starts with a distress call, which requests you to go to Walden’s Electronic store.  There you find a modified robot named ADA defending her caravan from a group of heavily modified robots.  Once the robots are dead, ADA requests your help in solving the mystery of why the attack occurs, and to defeat someone named ‘The Mechanist’.

Now let me explain how I like to play games like Fallout 4.  I tend to go and explore every corner, container, and hunt down every enemy, to find every piece of loot.  I also tend to start quests and tasks, only to get side tracked in the middle of them and end up going off to do something else.  With this DLC, “Automatron” I had started it, but got side tracked while on my way to one of the objectives.  I end up doing a lot of exploring and going into new buildings on the way to clear them of the loot they might have.  Because of this “Automatron” has taken me more time than I would have liked.  In any case, the DLC was not lost on me, and its additions to the game have been felt and seen all over the commonwealth.

“Automatron” adds a great deal to robot customizations once you unlock the robot Workbench. During the quests to complete the DLC, they show you how to make use of the workbench, also looting robot bodies yields new unlocks in the robot workbench.  You will need to level up your robot perk in order to take advantage of some of these new modifications, unless of course you find the actual part while looting, which you most likely will be doing throughout the DLC quest line, since your primarily fighting …. well robots.

As of writing this review I have already put a few hours into the DLC, and nearing it completion, I can safely say that the DLC has affected the entire game.  Everywhere you go, there will be random encounters with modified robots, who will attack you on sight, and on occasion as it happened to me, they manage to surprise you and kick the crap out of you because you were not prepared for them (yes it happened).

I don’t want to spoil too much for you if you have not had a chance to play through the DLC. I can tell you the game adds a nice bit of a boost to the robot tech in the game, and brings robots more in line with guns and armor in the sense of modding and more as you can also modify current robot companions, or build a new one.  Heck, build a whole army of robots if you have the parts, the limit is only your imagination.

I feel for this first DLC (of many) for Fallout 4, it definitely has added a little extra enjoyment to the game, and it is worth the download.  Of course, if you can, I recommend getting the Seasons Pass to allow you to get all the DLC’s.

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