Game Preview: Endless Space 2 (PC)

I’ve been a fan of strategy simulation games like Civilization.  I’ve found them enjoyable and have whiled away hours upon hours playing them.  They have a lot going for them.  They make you think, plan, scheme, plot and of course spend hours upon hours perfecting your strategy.  These games are also great for replay-ability as no game is ever the same as the previous one.  The last 2 sentences basically sum up my experiences with ‘Endless Space 2′.

Endless Space 2 is a turn-based, 4X space-strategy game that launches players into the role of the leader of one of the many intelligent beings of the Endless universe at the beginning of the space colonization age, where you can pick one of the 4 races currently available in the game (Sophons, Cravers, Vodyani and Lumeris) and you begin to colonize the galaxy, building outposts, ships, defenses with the goal of making your race the most powerful in the galaxy.

Currently there are settings to make the galaxy 1 of 3 types such as a Spiral arm.  You can also set the age, and a few other settings that generate the galaxy you will play in.  I like to use a lot of randomization in my settings to make things more interesting.  Being that Endless Space 2 is still in Early Access on Steam, there are a few features in the game generation menu that are currently not available, but it does show you the potential of what is to come.  One of these features is the multiplayer feature.

Once you have your galaxy generated, you begin with 1 planet in 1 star system and a few ships.  There are several ship types that can be used for different roles.  These are:

  • Exploration ships
  • Colonizing ships
  • Defense Ships
  • Attack ships

I am sure you can guess what each type is for, so I am not going to go too an explanation of each type.  Suffice it to say, when you start off in a game, you need to plan and figure out how to best go about expanding your empire.  All the planets are colonizable, but some will require specialized science research in order to unlock the ability to colonize them.  On top of this, there are also specialized planets, that when found offer some special reward if you complete a set of laid out quests regarding that planet.

There are a lot of factors that make up Endless Space 2;  you need to think about colonization expansion, trade, research, and also defense/combat.  The space combat plays out in a sort of quick movie clip currently, it’s neat to look at the first few times, but you can also disable it and just wait 2 seconds for the outcome.  It is a nice touch though.

The graphics of Endless Space 2 are outstanding to say the least.  The galaxy map flows in and out of solar systems flawlessly, and the thing I love the most is when you discover a new solar system, you can get a zoomed in view of each planet, with a movie-style synopsis of the planet.  It is a great touch.

Overall I have enjoyed playing Endless Space 2 in early access.  It still has a long way to go, but I am impressed by what it has already, and I look forward to continuing to try out the new features as the come available.

If you are interested in seeing some game-play for yourself, I will be streaming Endless Space 2 on Twitch from time to time, so follow me on Twitter to find out when.

Endless Space 2 is currently available in Early Access on Steam.

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