First Impression: Startup Company (PC-Steam)

Ever want to be in charge of your own little software company, filled with your own simulated minions? Hovgaard Games, is an indie game developer from Copenhagen Denmark, and their newest game on the market comes in the form of Startup Company.

Startup Company is a game currently in its Beta phase (12.4), which you can buy now for $10.99 CAD on Steam.

First impressions indicate that it seems like a fairly simple game, but as you get deeper into the mechanics, the game starts to evolve into a multi tiered simulator.

Off the bat the game sends an “in game” email letting you know this game is under constant development so the amount of tips and hints are pretty much non existent. It tells you to get a loan, hire a sales executive and to complete your first contract you will need to hire a developer and develop (craft) the required components. That’s it!

From that point on, it’s all learn as you go through playing the game and seeing where the game takes you. I found that watching a YouTube video or two helped me get a better grasp on the game.

Startup Company is about starting your own software company. You start by making components for companies and selling the products to them on a contract basis. As you earn more contracts you have to hire different staff, from a developer, to a researcher, even to an HR Manager. As you advance your company, your end goal is to create your own services to eventually become self sustaining and collect the income from these services you created. So all you have to do at that point is continue to build or create components or develop software and keep upgrading your services or increase hype. These services you create range from social media to a video sharing service. Of course with creating the services you end up competing with the companies that you are selling your components to, which at the moment doesn’t seem to affect you a whole lot.

As your company grows you have to meet your employee needs, say by buying better desks or sending them on a vacation. Eventually you benefit from renting a bigger office building because there is limits on how many people you can have in one building. Also as you rank up, you earn perks that you can offer to your staff; such as free beverages or even retirement plans. Or promote them to become better employees.

For instance a starting manager can only mange 3 employees, but once you promote them they can manage 5 employees.

I have enjoyed the amount of the game I’ve played so far once I got over the initial hump of learning the ropes. At the start it can be a bit of a micro managing nightmare and it can be kind of a drag. Luckily you unlock a manager by level 3, which can help greatly with the micro managing.

Whether you have the money or space to hire one is a different story.

Startup Company is currently in Early Access. The game is fully playable and stable, but the developer has indicated that they want to continue adding new features to the game. A purchase includes:

  • Steam key for instant access to the game.
  • Access to all future updates.
  • 0-DLC-guarantee. No microtransactions or other hidden expenses

Check out the Early Access Trailer of Startup Company, and get the game for yourself on Steam today!

Developer Website (Hovgaard Games ): https://www.startupcompanygame.com/

Offical Game Website: https://www.startupcompanygame.com/

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