First Impression: Armello

Going to gaming conventions, like PaxPrime 2015 is a great way to get your hands on games that are coming out in the ext few months.  There are always lots of big name company’s there showcasing their wares.  Pax also has whats called the “Indie Mega booth”.  This is a giant space on the show floor with lots of little indie developers rent smaller space that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get due to the limited show capacity.  The “Indie Mega Booth” generally has 50 to 60 different indie developers showing off their latest game, and it is a great place to find new games that sometimes might get overlooked.  Armello is one such game.

Armello is a digital board game.  You have up to 4 players each game, and a selection of cards that you get to play through out the game.  Your wit determines how many cards you can hold, and earning gold and magic allows you to play the cards.  You can fight the other players, set traps and steal from them, as well as completing quests in order to build up your character.  The ending objective of the game is to defeat/beat the king in several different ways. Prestige victory, defeating the king, or banishing the dark rot from the infected king.

This game is absolutely amazing.  The graphics are awesome, and the game play is great. The game does take a little time to play, but it does play well, and keeps  you coming back for more.  Expect a full review of this game, including a transcript from our interview with the dev team from Pax sometime in the next week

Armello is available on steam for CAN$21.99

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