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An Epic Tavern

I started off really excited to play and review this game, seeing as I’m into role play games and simulation games. The prologue of the story was a fun experience, getting to learn the functions and features of everything.

My biggest concern is that there is a lot going on within the game that leads to the UI appearing cluttered at first glance. It did also take me a couple gameplays to understand the drink and food serving mini game while the tavern’s doors are open. This game is still in early access so they have time to fix the UI issue.

The quests and tavern managing get increasing difficult (as a game should) as you progress through the story and gain Tavern levels. You’ll also need to keep an eye on which hero’s you have and if they need healing or rest.

Here you’ll see poor Bengar is lightly injured and is now at the infirmary.

After playing this game for about 4 hours I have found that it is a fun and enjoyable game, but I still feel like there is too much going on in order for me to focus on the RPG elements and story. Again, it is in early access and they have a long road to go and time to declutter the UI and possibly hone in on one pathway.

While playing through the game I noticed that the tavern’s decor changed to celebrate the Halloween season with jack-o-lanterns! I do enjoy when developers change things in game to signify a changing of seasons in the real world, and am anxious to see how the tavern looks during Christmas.

So cute!

I also wanted to point out that the dice rolling mechanics are similar to Dungeons and Dragons in that it goes off the certain die required as well as the characters stats. So here we see that Stanwyck rolled agressively and that detracted from the points, but because he a 19 in social it helped boost the outcome to a 22 power therefore granting him a successful roll.

All in all this game was fun initially but it started feeling repetitive and the mini games inside the tavern didn’t seem to accomplish much for your tavern, but I could also be misunderstanding key elements. You can grab it on Steam for $24.99 or wait it out until full release.

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Fun but Repetitive