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Orwell: Keeping An Eye On You Review

So the game began with a bang! Literally, there was a bombing in the game and then your character is thrust into this secret organization called Orwell. Your job now is to spy on a citizen to find out if she is guilty of the bombing. Basically you’re Big Brother!

The first tool you get to do this is the Reader, which allows you to view websites and online data. While doing this “data chunks” pop out at you to drag and drop over to the Profiler, which is the profile you’re building on the suspect.

The second tool is the Listener, where we watch or listen to people’s conversations and we can extract data chunks from here as well. With the listener we can read emails, listen to calls and read their text messages.

And the third tool is called Insider. This tool allows you to remotely access someone’s pc, which is great for checking the trash and other folders that one may keep on a pc.

The datachunks you get can be drag and dropped onto any profile but you need to make sure it applies to the correct person’s profile, because if you say that Cassie is a lawyer when she’s actually an artist it could throw off the investigation.

Everything in game is accessed via point and click or drag and drop. It’s a story driven simulation game, and the aim is to find the perpetrator of the terrorist attacks that are happening. I don’t want to spoil too much but you’ll want to read thoroughly as to not miss a clue!

This game is available on PC via Steam for $9.99 and also available on Xbox and is also $9.99 to purchase but if you subscribe to PC Gamepass for $4.99 you get this game plus tons of others!

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