WELCOME TO PARADISE: Living, Adventuring, and Celebrating Life in Animal Crossing

Hello Everyone and welcome to my own little piece of digital paradise – one that I am sure by now most of your have experienced and have invested countless hours into making perfect and unique.

When Animal Crossing first came out, I started like most and dove many hours into adventuring and learning the ropes, doing everything I could to make Nook Miles and planting way too many trees and flowers. The game was nothing but addictive – except around Easter when I was finding way too many Eggs instead of what I really wanted. The final reward on Bunny Day wasn’t even that spectacular.

The island I lived on was called Burntrock and it was chaotic – but it was my home.

And then like many – the game lost its luster. Eventually, nothing was exciting to do except go around catching the same bugs, the same fish and chop the same wood over and over again. Even going to hand in fossils was pointless cause by then most of them were already in the museum. I logged in less and less frequently.

Then I had this crazy idea – I was going to delete my island and start over.

A crazy idea isn’t it? Losing all the DIY recipes, losing all the fish and bugs and fossils – why?

Oddly enough, it was the best idea. With all the new features, including diving and the land construction/modification capabilities and constant updates, it allowed me to utilize all of the skills that I had gained over the months and really start to build an island that I would love to visit and invest time in. Removing excess items and reworking the original island was going to be way more work than I really wanted to invest in – reminded me of one of those Hoarder shows – endless work. Now, with a new fresh island, creativity and inspiration could reign.

So I now welcome you to my new and improved island paradise – Legacy.

Ok so it is far from finished, but the resident homes are well-positioned, we have many of the critically needed shops and very enthusiastic locals who are always up for some fun activity.

I look forward to sharing my adventures and keeping you updated on life on Legacy. Even hoping to eventually have my little mini swap market I am designing up and running soon so I can invite some of you lovely people to come and check out my paradise and hopefully trade some items. The more friends the better.

Till then…..

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