Nothing is more important than having the required tools you need to do the job at hand. In the case of life on the island in Animal Crossing, this can vary depending on what you deem important.

While I can agree that many of the daily go-to tasks around island maintenance and Nook Mile/Bell earning requires a trusty axe of some sort – nothing is more critical in my mind than having your handy net out while out adventuring.

The net – has saved me more times than not from a horrible wasp sting – and there is a guarantee of at least one on every island you visit every day.

There are 3 different types of main nets in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

The Flimsy Net

You need 5 tree branches to build – good for 10 uses

DIY Recipe Unlocked: By Crafting The Flimsy Fishing Rod

The Net

You need 1 Flimsy Net and 1 Iron Nugget to build – good for 30 uses

DIY Recipe Unlocked: Buy “Pretty Good Tools Recipes” from Nook Stop.

The Golden Net

You need 1 Net and 1 Gold Nugget to build – good for 90 uses

DIY Recipe Unlocked: Catch every Bug in the game to obtain the recipe in the mail.

I personally love a good customized net – love the options for color and style. My absolute favorite is the star net that can sometimes be found selling at Nooks Cranny — so cute!

While adventuring on your own island, or another far away via Dodo Airlines, carrying your net is a must.

Bugs – the primary item caught with a net can be quick and sudden to appear – and thus you need to have a quick hand and net ready. I have found many dragonflies that I have chased all over an island to catch simply because I had to stop and change tools and then try to follow it around. Unlike butterflies who just slowly float around waiting to be caught.

Like I mentioned before, also carrying your net while shaking a tree for branches/acorns/items/etc.. will save you some pain if you come across a wasp nest. Catch them with your first swipe of the net because there will be no second chance.

The ultimate reason to carry your net – you never know when you will run into one of the bi-seasonal arachnids roaming around the island. Depending on what season it is, either you will cross paths with a random Tarantula or Scorpion while out adventuring. Even worse – you could take a Dodo flight and find the island that is 100% full of them – nothing else!

Ok, yes I know that some of you revel in the idea of an island of these little pests, and there is a way to successfully catch a ton of them (hello handy holes), but as a side note – I found one of these islands and I immediately left. I wasn’t ready to deal with that amount of creepiness.

I found that catching a tarantula is much easier as its “warning” stance is shorter and you can get much closer before it reacts. The scorpion takes so long and I can’t count how many times I have swung and missed – all to then be attacked – and then faint,

I screamed every time I missed – it is just like me in real life. Why does every video game have to have a creepy arachnid in it…like seriously!?!?

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