Game Review: Snipperclips (Switch)

I have had the opportunity to try out a dozen of different demo indie games via the Nintendo Store as of late, and many of them seem like rehashed puzzle concepts, or just a reboot of a “current hype” type game or theme. Many don’t stand out and thus get lost within the big-name games that get that Nintendo push.

One game that stood out, is actually one that was originally designed in Adobe Flash by indie developer SFB Games. After being picked up by Nintendo and being redrafted within the Unity game engine, Snipperclips was born.

Now most of the gaming involved in Snipperclips is you screaming at someone else to coordinate with you as you squat, manipulate and ultimately go into a cutting frenzy in order to solve a puzzle.

Confused?? Let me explain…

The game involves controlling two paper “U shaped” characters (that are supposed to represent a Joy Con) named Snip and Clip. They have the same abilities as any other character in a platform game — jog left and right, jump, duck, stand up on tip toes — but with the added ability to be able to cut away from each other by overlapping and with the simple press of a button.

This is essentially the point of the game…to cut away at each other in order to achieve the goal to solve the level puzzle.

Each level is a unique puzzle, whether it be a presented shape that you need to replicate, or an active puzzle of say bringing a basketball that free falls on one side of the screen over to a net that is high on the other side of the screen. How about popping a floating balloon??

In order to solve a puzzle, you can alter the shapes of Snip and Clip by cutting bits out of them by overlapping the piece you want removed on one character by the other character. Their bodies also can be rotated by pressing the shoulder buttons in order to get the right position for the snipping. Utilizing the fact they can duck and stand on their toes helps in getting the right position for the snip as well.

Luckily if you mess up, there is a back button that erases all cuts on the character. Sometimes this is a good feature to have when you need the character to perform more than one task so you need to change cuts on it throughout the puzzle.

And if for some reason you cut Snip or Clip entirely, they disappear with a “pop”, but then a new full version falls back into the screen for more cutting fun.

Each puzzle requires a lot of communication, careful movements and positioning and a lot of tolerance (and disgruntled sighs) when things go wrong.

Best advice for therapy when the puzzle is just pissing you off…run around the screen randomly chopping bits off of each other until there is nothing left. Instant stress relief!

Snipperclips is best played with at least two players, but is possible to be played solo (you are in control of both characters and just use the “X” button to swap between control of characters) or for up to four players at once. I found it quite difficult to coordinate the two characters as a solo player, as if i needed one to be per-say ducking, I had to duck and hold in position while i hit the button to swap characters. It took 10x the coordination of where you leave one character while you work on the other. Not entirely impossible to do in the levels made for solo players, but takes a lot more planning and strategy. Playing with someone else at least lets two brains work on one puzzle and you can enjoy in the “Aha!” moments of solving the puzzle together. When you get three or four players in on the game, you get to play as sort of lost “snip cousins”, but even harder puzzles as you then have more bodies to cut and manipulate.

The game has puzzles broken into section categories based on the amount of players available that is select-able at the start menu. This is a bit of a disadvantage as half of the game cannot be utilized unless you have 2-4 players, and many need 3 or more players. Some of us are loners don’t ya know!?! (lol)

Each level is worth a “star” which you earn when you complete it. Star accumulation helps to unlock other levels or some “master levels” that test all your skills (and patience).

Fantastic party game for puzzle nerds!! Except for the fact that the game involves so much concentration and coordination, the more rowdy of environment, more more you will struggle to succeed.

The flexibility of the Nintendo Switch design is a benefit for this game, as it is great to play on a TV in couch co-op mode, but it is even better set up on a table with kickstand out and having a bunch of wild people each clutching a tiny Joy Con screaming and cheering with each other in happy anticipation of solving each of the tasks at hand.

This is not a game that should be played and rushed through in a single day….it’s more of one that you should play slowly…use massive strategy…invite some friends in to play and go back into old puzzles to see if there is a quicker and simpler strategy to finding the solution.


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Game Review: Snipperclips (Switch)

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