Game Review: Shu (Nintendo Switch)

If you have not heard of Shu, it is a 2.5D side scrolling platformer.  We received a copy of Shu for the Nintendo Switch, so we will be reviewing the game on that platform.  Shu is also available for the PC (on Steam) as well as for the PlayStation 4. It is created by CoatSink Games and was released on January 23, 2018.

Shu is graphically stunning with hand drawn characters set in a very stunning world.  The main purpose of the game is to guide Shu through the worlds to escape the unrelenting “storm” that is destroying the world.  A side-scrolling platformer much like Mario Bros. games of older Nintendo consoles, Shu has a lot of class and makes for a great platform game.

Shu is full of visually stunning graphics, and they really shine on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a perfect console to play Shu, which its decently small footprint on the Switch internal memory, it makes for a great game at home, or away on travel.  Shu is also extremely infuriating in the fact that some stages, like when you need to escape the storm turn the game into a ‘dash to survive’ that can frustrate the player to no end.  I often felt this during my play through, but after my game was over due to running out of lives, I’d put the Switch down, walk away and pick it up a little while later to only get beat down again and again.  Eventually I might make it through to the next world. Persistence is key right?

The controls for Shu are simple.  You control Shu using the left thumb-stick, or if you prefer the left D-pad.  Jumping is done with the B button and gliding with the right trigger.  Further into the game and as you collect certain additional characters, they add in special moves that aid you in proceeding further in the game, usually with the addition of the A button or a direction/jump sequence.

Sound and graphically, as I mentioned above, Shu really takes the prize.  The visuals are amazing and highly detailed.  My only gripe if I had to find one with Shu was the fact when playing on the Switch console, (and not your TV) the hints given to add in new buttons (like the A button) is a little hard to read because it is so small.  This isn’t a fault of the good people of CoatSink, but more of a scaling factor between the TV and the console’s screen.  The sound track for Shu is also amazing and wonderful to listen to with headphones.  The atmospheric feel of the music adds that extra little bit to Shu.

Shu is a beautifully crafted platform game, with amazing visuals, great sound and tons of interesting levels to explore, available for the Nintendo Switch for $9.99, it is an excellent game worth picking up.

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