First Impression: Yoshi’s Woolly World (WiiU)

Who wouldn’t be charmed by a small green dinosaur that squeaks like a puppy and eats and poops balls of wool??

Yoshi’s Woolly World is a challenging plat-former staring the nostalgic lovable character Yoshi in a bright and colorful world that features billowing fabrics and fluffy wool stitched together to create an epic adventure.

The use of wool in design of game play isn’t anything new to gamers, having interfaced with the material in PS3/PS4 game series LittleBigPlanet and Wii plat-former Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

The main story takes place on Craft Island, home to the woolly Yoshi’s. The island comes under attack by the evil Koopa wizard Kamek, who turns the Yoshis into bundles of wool. These bundles are then spread out around several world islands and levels. Two Yoshi’s successfully hide during the attack and quickly set out to unravel Kamek’s evil plans and to recover the bundles of wool to save their Yoshi buddies.

Woolly World is a typical Nintendo plat-former, full of puzzles, challenges and hidden collectibles spread out across
unique level environments. Power flowers, stamps, hearts and bundles of wool are all hidden in the levels and the collection of these can lead to gaining access to power-ups to help Yoshi in future levels. Most importantly, if you found all 5 bundles of wool in a level, a Yoshi will be “re-knitted” and can be used as a playable Yoshi character. These other Yoshi’s are saved in the Yoshi house on Craft Island for quick access when the player wants a change in knitted look for their playable Yoshi.

Game-play can vary from simple platforming where you leap around licking up enemies with Yoshi’s long tongue, that in turn become balls of wool that can be used to throw at enemies or out of reach items to stomping on enemies in Mario-like style and Yoshi flying to make it across tricky jumps.

Players can use any knitted Yoshi amiibo to introduce a second (mirrored) Yoshi to any single or co-op player game.

Also, players can scan any standard amiibo character into the game and unlock other knitted Yoshi designs that can be selected to be played as during the game. These designs are saved in the amiibo house on Craft Island. (Some of these are kind of cute!!) This is definitely a good reason to buy every single amiibo on market!

As a lover of all things Yoshi, I was so excited to finally get my hands on this game. Yoshi’s Woolly World has been on the market in the UK since June, and finally just was released in the North America market. The sneak peek trailers from E3 2014, E3 2015 and PAXPrime 2015 have fueled a desire to dive into the wild woolly world as soon as possible.
    And to no one’s surprise…. The second world island is a desert style. (Typical Mario fashion)

I have already logged many hours into this game but I would love to get further and check out all the hidden woolly goodies that are in the game before giving my full impression on the game. Look forward to my full game review in the coming weeks.

While you wait….why not dive into the knitted fun and pick up Yoshi’s Woolly World on WiiU for $64.99 or get it with a green Knitted Yoshi amiibo for $79.99.

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