Armello Game Review (Switch)

First off I have to say that Armello is still one of my favorite games and I was super pumped when I heard it was coming to the Switch as that meant I didn’t need to be constrained to my computer to play it.

“Armello is a swashbuckling adventure that combines RPG elements with the strategic play of card and board games, creating a personal, story-fueled experience”

The game starts off just as it did for the Steam version, with a tutorial. Even if you have completed the tutorial on the Steam version you have to start the tutorial all over again, which is both good and bad. The bad side is I knew the story and premise already; the good side was you learn the controls for the Switch. I kind of wished there was a shortened tutorial to go through the controls only, but the game is worth going through a tutorial again.

From there you get to start by picking which character you want to play and what ring and amulet you want. The signet rings and amulets are all different depending on the clan you are playing and offer perks to your character. These range from stealth at night to ignoring the mountain movement or additional prestige (my favorite). The different clans are: rat, wolf, bear and rabbit. I usually play the wolf clan as they have a ring that allows you to ignore mountain movement.

You can either play against the computer or go in the queue to play against other players. To start off the game you must choose your quests (out of 3 options) then you take turns making up to 3 spaces on the board (mountain movement counts as 2 moves) in attempts to reach your quest on the board. You can play as many of your cards as you want – these include “item” cards such as armour or a weapon, “magic” cards such as allowing a spirit stone to spawn and “trickery” cards such as blackmailing a fellow player. The cards are wonderfully animated and very detailed.

When you have reached your quest you may elect to take the easy road and obtain your prestige and stat increase or you can chance it and receive the prize. The chances of getting your prize is determined on your stats, you can boost your stats with your amulets or by completing quests. Should you lose you have to take the penalty, the penalty depends on what type of quest you have taken.

The goal of the game is to either cure the king by collecting spirit stones – do this by collecting the random spirit stones that appear on the board or by completing the spirit stone quests. You can also defeat the king by killing him – but should you lose he gains a heart; that is unless you both die then the winner is the prestige leader.

Speaking of prestige; to gain prestige you kill Banes (demon like creatures that spawn from dungeons) or other heroes and by completing your quests.

Graphics for this game are once again amazing and the soundtrack suits it to a T. The team at League of Geeks know what they are doing. The music and audio is by Michael Allen, Lisa Gerrard, Stephen Schutze and Jacek Tushewski. The art on the cards are by artists from all over the world.

One of my disgruntlements would be the fact that you are not able to write what you want in the chat. There are prewrote words or sayings you can pick from, they need a HURRY UP one as sometimes other players take their sweet time and it can be annoying. Another, and the biggest of them all, when playing on the Switch if you want to play against other players you need a subscription to Nintendo Online – which I guess makes sense, but isn’t so well for those that do not subscribe.

Overall, I recommend this game (either on Steam or Switch) to everyone that enjoys a good turn based game or tabletop game.

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Armello is still one of my favorite games