Game Review: The Walking Dead – Road to Survival (Android)

The Walking Dead is a very popular franchise.  Zombies have really taken off over the last few years, thanks in part to the show on AMC “The Walking Dead”.  Since then, many different games have come out to take advantage of the franchise.  One such game is “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival“.

With the huge climb in the popularity of mobile gaming, there are more than enough games on the mobile marketplaces to satisfy anyone’s taste.  I own several android devices, so I spent some time playing this game on my Android tablet.  This game starts off with a fairly simple premise.  If you follow the TV show, this falls right around season 3, where Rick and his group are in the prison.  Your character is a member of Woodbury, the small town run by “The Govenor”.

The game encomapsses several game play styles.  There is combat as well as a tap/build style all tied together.  There is also a little bit of story.  As you play through the simple story, you are given 2 choices for certain situations and depending on whether you chose A or B, the game changes.  Combat in the game is turn-based , similar to Final Fantasy style of games.  There is a “FastForward” or “Autopilot” mode where you can ignore all the combat completely, if you so wish.  As you complete combat stages you gain “people” which are used in Woodbury to train your fighters.  Other than combat, you are in the tab/build area, where you are building up Woodbury, by adding more housing, storage areas, resource areas and training areas.  By training up citizens, you can add them to your existing combat people to help them gain levels.  Once they gain a few levels they can be upgraded to become more powerful.  You also need to have food and lumber resources going all the time, in order to upgrade the facilities, such as your town hall, which limits how much you can expand.  In the end you can’t do all the combat without upgrading your people, and you can’t ignore the combat because you won’t gain more people to train with.

Are you confused yet?  It’s a little bit confusing while you are learning the game, but there is also more to take into account.  They have daily missions and special events that refresh after certain timers expire.  They also have player raids, which is a very lackluster attempt at a PVP element, in which another player can raid your compound at any time, and your pre-designated team will defend.  In my time playing I raided 1 other person successfully, and was raided 3 times, losing a little bit of resources for my troubles.

Did I mention that the game has micro-transactions?  This game doesn’t just have them, but it has a LOT of them.  Almost everything in the game can be bypassed by some sort of micro transaction.  Want a new special character?  Want more gold so you can upgrade your buildings faster?  Need better weapons?  It is all possible with spending your hard earned money.  This is one thing that really bugged me about this game. It was all over the place, almost like they were forcing you into spending money, pushing it in your face at every opportunity.

In the end, this game was alright.  I didn’t feel compelled to play it more than 1 week since it lost its ability to keep me hooked very fast.  I made it to the 5th or 6th combat chapter, had Woodbury built up quite a bit, but it just didn’t have enough to keep me interested.  I also never spent any money buying anything so upgrading was taking a really long time.  Also when I found that “Auto” button in the combat area, that really made the game effortless and also very boring.  This game might be better suited to others, but I didn’t feel it was worth keeping.

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