Game Review: The Room – Old Sins (Mobile)

When Fireproof games released ‘The Room’ on iOS and Android back in 2012, it broke all kinds of records.  The game brought a lot of amazingly crafted puzzles and stunning graphics to mobile devices, showing exactly how good mobile device gaming could be.  The game itself was highly enjoyable and was amazing to play. Followed up by ‘The Room 2′ and ‘The Room 3′ Fireproof games continued to bring an amazing story and game series to mobile devices.  This year, they continued on this perfect trend with the release of ‘The Room – Old Sins’.

In ‘The Room – Old Sins’ you enter the story to investigate the disappearance of a couple, and you begin in the attic of their house.  In front of you is a doll house, and everything is dark.  You need to shine some light on to the situation ….  and so begins your first puzzle.  The entire game is an amazing collection of puzzles that make you think.  It goes deep, deeper than I thought it ever would.  There are brief glimpses of back story to what happened to the husband and wife that you are looking for, and the puzzles keep you interested and coming back for more.  You can easily lose track of time playing ‘The Room – Old Sins’.

I don’t play too many mobile games on my android phone, but the graphics on ‘The Room – Old Sins’ are absolutely stunning.  The game ran butter smooth on my LG G6, and I never noticed any lag or long load times.  The whole experience was amazing, and some parts were even a bit creepy as you try to discover more about the Null, the evil black thing that is ever present in The Room series.

The touch controls were very well thought out with taps and pinches being your basic controls.  There is the odd time when 2 fingers were needed in order to perform a task, which often was done with a finger from both hands making it awkward. There weren’t too many of these luckily, and most of the game could be played with 1 hand.

As always if you are stuck and the game thinks you are taking too long you get hints, usually 3 and they come in timed increments. Some of the puzzles are easily done and there were others where Tali and I had to assist each other. As usual Tali and I played this game simultaneously and it provided a mini completion between us, unfortunately Tali beat me as she started it after me and completed it before me (not by much though).

‘The Room – Old Sins’ is a game for all ages and anyone that loves puzzles. It also has replay-ability as there are so many puzzles you tend to forget what you had done and you can try and beat your previous time.

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