Game Review: Star Wars – Galaxy of Heroes (Android)

Regardless of your preference on sequels or prequels, every fan of the force can find their favorite characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. I’ve spent a few hours with the game unlocking a vast array of characters on my way to unlock my favorite of them all, Ahsoka Tano.

Much of what you do in Galaxy of Heroes is use various forms of currency of which you can buy with real money or earn slowly in game. It’s used for upgrades, data packs to unlock a new companion to your team, or the universal currency of the mobile game, the energy token to continue play. You can visit the in-game shop should you feel the need to spend any real money. I found that while you get a good amount of rewards at the end of every mission, it really is tailored to have the user drop real money to unlock things a lot quicker than the grind it would have you do otherwise.


Unlocking the characters are random, and while some characters can be unlocked by completing certain missions on hard mode, it will take quite a while to unlock all 60 characters, with more on the way. I’m sure that The Force Awakens will have some sort of pack eventually. Gaining access to some characters takes around 50 shards each and through the course of almost a hundred missions played, I have some characters as high as 15 shards. Some characters are also unlocked by playing the multiplayer modes; which take a while to unlock as well.

The gameplay is simple, each character has a standard ability, and a special ability. The Jedi Knight I started with has a lightsaber attack and a healing ability. The Clone Trooper has a blaster rifle shot and a spreadfire attack that would target all enemies. Once you use your special ability it will require a few rounds to charge it back up. The teams you bring to the battlefield can be eventually composed of up to 6 characters.

You’ll be able to use status effects to your advantage, as well as have the disadvantage of having them cast upon you as well. This can be anything from being forced to attack a certain enemy or not being able to use your special ability. As you complete missions and daily goals, you’ll gain items used to upgrade your character. You can also get upgrades from the free data card you unlock every 15 minutes or so.

Everything is clearly explained in a fairly decent tutorial and the menu’s are crisp and clean. The music is typical of a Star Wars game and not groundbreaking by any means, but again, it’s Star Wars, it’s all pretty much great. There is a little voice acting in the game, but it’s very minimal. Visually the game is pretty nice, but mostly on par with games of this type.

There isn’t really a story in the game as it just comes across as skirmishes set upon a variety of locales in the Star Wars lore. You’ll fight on Hoth, Endor, the Deathstar, and well.. if it’s a location you’ve seen in either the movies or Clone Wars, you’re more than likely going to recognize most of the battle arenas.

You’ll proceed through a variety of stages in normal difficulty, but hard mode is where the real game is as you’ll get far better rewards for doing so. Eventually you will unlock the ability to play as the dark side. There are hundreds of missions to sink your teeth into, and what I really like about the battles is that they are short enough that you can get a few done on a work break or really anywhere. You can also set the game to auto mode and let it pretty much play itself.

Overall, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a fairly adequate mobile game. It’s not revolutionary or innovative by any means as it pretty much follows the same mold that any license game has when it gets the mobile treatment. Had this been a paid game with the ability to easily unlock all the characters and no energy costs, I’d easily of paid for this. As it stands as a free to play game with microtransactions built into every aspect of the game, I can only recommend it to gamers who prefer to play in a galaxy far, far away.

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