Game Review – Pewdiepie: Legend of the Brofist (Android)

Regardless if you follow him, hate him or you don’t know how you feel about him, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better know to the world as Pewdiepie, is by far the most famous Youtube star out there right now. His Let’s Plays and various content garner more views than any mega celebrity or musical performer on the social video site. At nearly 40 million subscribers he is an internet sensation.

Having that much exposure is great for when Pewds showcases your game on his videos. Some Indie games went from selling a few dozen a week, to thousands in a day just by being featured in a Pewdiepie video. I read an article about a game made by one guy who had woke up one morning to email alerts that their site crashed after some 25,000 people downloaded their game, to say nothing of the exposure other gaming sites gave him by tackling that very topic.

A few times a year Felix gets a lot of small Indie game developers together and hosts a Game Jam. This is where people from all over the world have a few days or weeks to make whatever game they can, and then he plays a selection of the best, or worst, that were submitted.

A team that called themselves “Outerminds” had submitted a game called Pewdiepie’s Paradise Island during one of the Game Jams. Pewds loved it so much that he asked the team to make it bigger, longer and badder. I’m pretty sure that Pewds himself helped finance the project.

During the development of the game, Pewds asked his fans what it should be called, and other various mechanics in the game. Being very open and a good listener to his fans, most if not all of the ideas were implemented into the game.
Being a huge supporter of other Youtube stars, he asked for the help of his girlfriend and Youtuber CutiePieMarzia, as well as his good friends CinnamonToastKen, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Cryaotic. They all voice their Youtube personalities in the game, and are playable characters once you unlock them, each with some unique special abilities.

When the game launched, it had sat at the top of the download charts on both ios and Android. It has been featured on the Polaris network as well as The Late show with Stephen Colbert. Pewdiepie has a following and the sales of the game show it in spades. At the time of this review it had dropped from 1st on ios to 3rd, still ahead of Minecraft, a fact that pewds himself makes fun of in recent videos.

The game itself is a love letter to old 16-bit games like Mega Man and Super Mario Land. Set as a side scroller, you jump from platform to platform, and in the highway level, from car to car. You’ll fly in airplanes, fight in subways or the plains of Africa, and eventually in Space. The 16-bit style sprites are fantastic and well animated. Their jumps, ducks and dance moves are very well done.

Your nemesis in the game is the Barrel King, a giant barrel with no less a crown upon his head. He steals all of Pewdiepie’s fans so that he can wield the legendary Brofist. He will attempt to destroy you with this army of various type barrels. Amnesia Custom Story: Abduction, was a game that Pewdiepie played on many of his Let’s Plays and his hatred for barrels stemmed from there as barrels often plotted the demise of Pewddiepie. This is where a lot of the fiction behind Legend of the Brofist comes from.

The game is definitely challenging, mostly due to it being a mobile game and when played on smaller devices, you can tend to cover some of the screen with your thumbs. This is my only real negative with the game, as it can definitely lead to you dying quite a few times. I definitely recommend this to people with bigger devices or streaming from your smaller device to a TV is another great way to play this. Pewds himself has been talking up a possible PC version. I should also note that his very own Let’s Plays are played on said version.

I really enjoyed this game, but then I am also a long time Pewdiepie fan, so a lot of his in game references to his videos I totally get. From Shannon the shark, to Dr Crab, even to his dog Edgar and his farts, if you have been watching Pewds for at least a year or so, then you should have a good idea behind a lot of the jokes. If you pick Pewds or Marzia then you will be joined by the couples Pugs, Edgar and Mya. They will sacrifice themselves to save your character should you take massive damage. Other Youtube stars will have their own saviors running around with them.

As you progress through the game you will gather Bro-coins, these will be used to unlock characters and special abilities. The game runs around 5-7 dollars depending on your location, and I really didn’t mind paying for it as if it was released as a free-to-play game then I could see micro transactions making you pay for each and every one of the unlockables, or the awful energy system that prevents you from playing for hours like most free to play models work.

If you like 16-bit style side scrollers with some fun humor and great level design, then I very much recommend this game regardless of if you are a fan of Pewdiepie or not. Overall the game lasts a few hours and depending on your love for the other playable characters, it can have some good replayability. There is talk about extra content coming out for holidays, like Halloween outfits and other Youtube stars making their appearance.

Until then, Bros, stay awesome.

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