Game Review: Paper Wings (Mobile)

As a child making beautiful origami birds was a huge fascination — they are just so beautifully crafted. But have you ever tried to make them fly?? Not really the most entertaining…more like a stiff paper rock tumbling to the ground.

Developed by Fil Games (consisting of a one man indie developer), the game Paper Wings gives you the opportunity to make those paper birds come to life, and you are in control of them.

Your game starts out with your first bird, a dove (how peaceful). The dove gives you your initial instructions on how to play the game. The controls are quite simple, you either press on the left or the right of the screen to control the direction of the paper bird. The bird itself will fly on its own, but it is with your control that it can zip and zoom and make whimsical turns in the air. Beyond the beauty of making this paper bird fly, you have a task in the game….and that is to collect the falling orbs and prevent them from falling into the water below.

Though this may seem like a simple enough task, don’t be so sure. The bird doesn’t necessarily listen to your finger commands and you will find yourself feeling panicked as your bird swoops one way and turns another and darts too fast in the other direction while you watch helplessly as the orb falls faster towards the watery floor of the screen.

I found out that each time one of these orbs lands into the water… it in some way “hurts” the bird, and once one sinks off the screen, the paper bird implodes into a pile of confetti and your game is over. Seems a bit over dramatic no??

Collecting the orbs adds to your total, so essentially you are trying to always get a better score each time you play.

As you collect orbs, you will eventually hit an in game threshold that will take you up a level, this will come with its own unique twists and turns…such as how the orbs fall (circular), or even the addition of hazards that seek to destroy your game and hurt your bird.

There are many different paper birds available for you to use (each with their own unique quality), but as like in most games, you have to meet a certain requirement to unlock them. Some of the 27 current birds available and their unlocks include:


  • Pigeon (reach level 2)
  • Crow (by liking the developer on Facebook)
  • Sparrow (by reviewing the game on the app store)
  • Magpie (by following the developer on Twitter)
  • Eagle (by watching 5 clips – basically game ads)
  • Magpie (spend 500 coins in game)
  • Macaw (play the game for 5 days)
  • Toucan (spend 2500 coins in game)
  • Finch (the current best bird – spend 5000 coins in game)

Clicking on the (i) icon by the name of each bird, it will give you more information about the bird, including where on a map they can be found, typical habitat and a bit of an information paragraph to know more about the bird.

After each play through, you earn coins that can be used for in game purchasing, for such things as unlocking another unique playable paper bird.

If you notice some of the birds do cost quite a lot, and unless you are a gamer who likes to grind through until you have earned enough to buy what you want, there is the other option in the form of in-game purchasing. This way you can buy yourself an insane amount of in-game loot to buy everything papery that your heart desires.

The game initially allows you to only play Single Player, but Multiplayer is unlocked after your first successful play through. Under Single Player, there are 4 modes that are also unlocked as you play. These include Classic (the typical game), Timer, Hazard and Calm. I personally enjoy the Calm mode as it is just a fun way to practice your paper bird flying without the added distraction of having to chase the falling orbs. And trust me…practice will definitely make perfect!

There is an achievement board and a leaderboard in game to keep you looking for ways to improve yourself.

Probably the best part of this game is that it was inspired by all the beautiful birds in the world, and how the developer recognizes how humans marvel at the beauty of birds while also contributing to the deforestation. The game has a Donate section that is linked to the American Bird Conservancy (, in order to provide help for the conservation of birds in the Americas.

While Paper Wings isn’t a button mashing type of game, it is peaceful to the senses with gentle music and entrancing movements through the bird flights, but it provides endless challenge to always try to get a better score, or earn more coins to unlock more birds or to just overall have a game that can just be that relaxing calm down game at the end of the day. I know it is one that is gentle enough on my senses at the end of the day when I just want to game before bed, but I don’t want to overload myself.

Paper Wings is a free to download game on all mobile devices.

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