Game Review: Link Twin (Mobile)

I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to play (via a beta key) this game on the iOS platform before official release.

Link Twin, from independent developer Carbon Incubator, is a simplistic puzzle game that requires you to guide twin siblings Tom and Lily through a unique world of five chapters and one hundred levels that takes you on a journey of the imagination and of the mind. The game requires the player to draw upon basic strategies to discover secrets within the environment to progress their journey.

The game introduces you to these adorable twin siblings, and sets the premise of the game, in which they need your help to find their lost parents. It is your task to navigate the twins through the mysterious world of puzzles, while avoiding pitfalls.

Each chapter of the story plays out on several puzzle platform levels that you must complete to move onto the next. Tom and Lily are dropped in specific locations on the platform depending on the puzzle layout.

The gameplay is very basic, as you simply swipe the screen in the direction along the squared off puzzle platform you wish Tom and Lily to move. As the game name suggests, Tom and Lily move in a direction together at the same time. To finish a puzzle, both twins must together land on one of the two lit up squares on the puzzle platform.

Unfortunately, this is where the strategy quickly comes into play as they move in sync of each other, so you have to ensure that with the swipe one of them does not fall off the puzzle platform or become stuck and unable to move. Their safety requires that they be in close proximity to each other.

To help complete the puzzles, there is constant in-game bubble guide to better equip the player with the skills needed. Items such as a rock or wall are introduced at times, which can be useful to solve the puzzle. Items can be pushed by Tom and Lily, but also can be used to stop one of the twins from moving a certain direction thus to align the twins in a position to complete the puzzle together.

If you are completely stuck, each new game starts with three “solutions” which will direct you move by move on how to solve the puzzle. But be sparing with these as once you have used them up, they are gone forever.

At the end of each puzzle, you will be scored out of three stars, based on how many moves you took to complete the puzzle versus the preset limits. This presents the constant challenge of trying to get all three stars for every level (because you know it bugs you if you don’t…)

Of course, like most other mobile games, there are multiple in app purchases you can attain to help advance in the game, such as extra solutions (for move by move help to finish the puzzle) or runes (which helps you skip levels if you don’t have any available solutions to use).


The game is compelling in both its unique artistic style, but also calming soundtrack that together creates a game that is relaxing to experience, but is interactive enough to keep the mind and senses sharp.

Unlike many puzzle games, this one does not get boring after the 20th puzzle. The game doesn’t just introduce you to the story and then leave you be for the rest of time. It is constantly looking for player input and there are several cut scenes for further storyline playout. The learning curve is steady, with puzzles increasing in difficulty at a reasonable rate, thus not making the game frustrating too early in the story.

This game is highly addictive and will have you constantly come back to play some more.

Link Twin is available now on Android and iOS. –

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