Game Review: Lara Croft: Go (Android)

Puzzle games are probably my favorite genre of game to play on a mobile device.  Puzzle games generally are easy to pick up and play, as well as challenging to complete.  There are thousands of different puzzle games out on the app stores, so there is always something to choose from.

Recently I wrote a review for Square Enix LTD. Hitman: Sniper.  A mobile sniper game based upon their Hitman franchise.  Square Enix continued to cash in on another franchise of theirs, Tomb Raider and created a puzzle game based upon the Tomb Raider lead character.  This game was Lara Craft: Go.

In Lara Croft: Go, you play as Lara Croft.  The premise is to navigate her along a path, and solve the puzzles to complete the level.  Each level gets more challenging as you go, but not so much as you find yourself stuck right away.  So the basic premise of Lara Croft: Go is easy to understand.  When you first start the game you are immediately put into the first level.  There is no tutorials, training or any tips to get started.  The first few levels teach you as you go, which makes this game quite interesting.  I enjoyed learning as I went.  The first few rooms were not much of a challenge, but covered the basics of movement.  Movement in the game is as easy as swiping along the screen in the direction you want to go.  Lara Croft can only move along the paths in the level, but as you progress you will need to examine the paths and figure out where to go, and at which time.  It gets more and more challenging as you get further ahead.  Each level can have multiple stages, which also act as save points in case you get killed or need to restart.  It will happen, and often you learn more about what you needed to do or go, if you do die.  There is no penalty for death, it just restarts at the last save point and you continue on.  Each level seems to take around 2 or 3 mins to complete if you get them done on the initial try.  There are also hidden pots on each level, and when tapped, they give you either a gem or a piece of an artifact, which when completed unlocks a special outfit or item.  Once you complete the level you can return to look for any missed pots if you desire, which adds a bit more of challenge to each level, since the pots are sometimes hidden behind a platform you have to move with a lever, and might not have noticed it the first time through the level.  I often found myself forgetting to notice the more hidden pots on some of the harder levels since I am focusing on looking for the solution.

The graphics for Lara Croft: Go are decent for a mobile game.  There isn’t any extra lengthy load times for the levels, at least not longer than you would expect.  The game ran smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10″ tablet.  I never tried it on my Note 4, but I am sure it would run great on there also, but  I prefer a larger screen for gaming.  The graphics do look a little pixelated, but that isn’t anything new with mobile games.

The music and sound effects for Lara Croft: Go are fitting for the mood of the game, and I found myself enjoying to have the sound on while playing.  The music is soft enough to fit into the background and you are listening to it, but don’t notice it actually there.  It is the perfect ambiance for this type of game, allowing you to relax as you play it.

Lara Croft: Go costs $3.49 CAN on the Google play store and the itunes store.  It might seem like a higher price than the usual $1.00 games, but there are no ads or micro-transactions pushed on the player.  You can purchase new outfits and items if you so wish, but from what I’ve seen they are not really required  by the game to enjoy it.


Overall, I found this game was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the challenges it faced me with.  It is worth the price of the game, and with over 100 puzzles and 6 chapters to play through, this game can keep you going for a decent amount of time.  I recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games, so check it out.

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