Game Review: Hitman Sniper (Android)

I’ve never really played any of the Hitman games in the franchise, but at PaxPrime last year, I did take in the Hitman developers panel, in which they talked about the development of the latest game and showed scenes and images from the latest game (still in production).  In the prevous year, when Mobile games for the first time at Pax were very front and center, there was a Hitman game show on an Ipad.  This game was called Hitman: Sniper.  I tried it out, thought it was cool, but I didn’t pay much attention to it due to the fact it was on iOS and not on Android.  While this isn’t a big deal, and I’m not harping on iOS users, being an Android user I didn’t really have any interest in putting my attention into something I could never play.  I don’t own any iOS devices, and I don’t ever plan on owning any.

Fast forward to sometime in 2015 and I noticed Hitman: Sniper had made its way to the Google Play store, for a cost of $2.99. I thought this was great, but I didn’t end up buying it at that time, but instead added it to my wishlist and quietly forgot about it again.  While browsing for new games for my Android tablet a few weeks ago, I decided to check my wishlist and saw that Hitman: Sniper was still on it.  I then decided to pick it up, as I was in between games currently.

Hitman: Sniper is a very easy game to pickup and start playing with almost little to no learning curve, which makes it very appealing.  The game play area is 3 buildings off in the distance, and this is where you play each assignment.   Your first assignment is to assasinate one of the criminals in the building, and the target is designated by a particular marker.  The objectives start off easy, allowing you to play through from one assignment to the next with ease, but it also allows you freedom to earn a higher score by taking out the guards, remaining undetected and try out some different tactics, like shooting a glass balcony railing that a person is leaning against, causing them to fall to their death.  As you progress, the assignment parameters change to teach you how to look for these special ways of completing objectives.  At the end of each assignment, they break down points for how you did, and you earn money for every completion.  Money is then used to upgrade or purchase new rifles, some of which need parts before being able to buy them.  Parts are obtained from taking down the priority targets and are earned in a sort of ‘Roulette’ randomizer at the end of each mission.

The game is very creative, but a major flaw is that every assignment is on the same area or map.  The targets are generally the same, and also follow the same general movement path, so if you pay attention, you can remember when and where targets will be for the best possible stealth take-down.  It does end up getting a little bit repetative, but as the target parameters change from mission to mission, it does keep it a little fresh.

While the game is a decent size, and the graphics are really good for a mobile game, it does seem a little bit power hungry, and tends to drain your battery quicker than I’d like.  A minor flaw with gaming on a tablet.  Other games I’ve played don’t seem so power hungry, but maybe it is because of the time I’ve spent playing more than anything.

Hitman: Sniper does offer microtransactions in the game, but unlike other games, they are subtle and not very pushy.  There is no feeling “Pay-to-Win” as with other games, which is excellent.

I would love to see more maps available in this game, making it more and more challenging as you progress.  Overall I am very satisfied with this game, and I can foresee myself playing it for the long term.  I would recomend this game to anyone interested in Hitman, or any type of Sniper-type game for mobile.

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