Game Review: Happy Glass (Mobile)

I just returned back from my Facebook summer hiatus…and yet my news feed has been bombarded by a new hot mobile game that was popping up everywhere I looked. If a game is advertised so heavily, it must be amazing no??

The game is called Happy Glass, a simple puzzle indie game from developer Lion Studios. It is a simple game wherein your task is to make the sad glass in the game – happy – by filling it with water dispensed from a pipe within the game window.

In order to direct the water, you have the ability to use a “pen” activated by your touch, to draw a single motion line or shape to the game screen. This line/object is subjected to natural gravity effects, so it is important to keep that in mind when strategizing how to draw and position your formation. If you correctly direct the water to the empty sad looking glass, you will see it smile with delight as it fills up.

Once enough water has reached the glass to meet the fill line, you officially pass the level and move on to the score/continue screen. But, sometimes not enough water reaches the glass and spills off the edge of the screen… or maybe the glass falls off the screen itself. The level will automatically reset and let you try again… and depending on the complexity of the level… will do nothing more than make you more determined to figure out the solution to the level.

Luckily, there is a hint option to help you if you get really stuck on a level, but you only get one hint pre-allocated so use it wisely.

Each level is scored out of 3 stars, which is predetermined based on a meter as displayed on the play screen while you play the level. Depending on how much pen drawing you do to complete the level, will determine how many stars you will get for your efforts. Star accumulation is important, as each group of 10 levels (out of the possible 240 levels) is “locked” until you earn a minimum of 30 stars in the previous level grouping. As the levels increase in difficulty as you continue to play, stars will become harder to obtain.

The game features in game advertisements and also in app purchasing.  The in app purchasing is a simple way to convert real money into in game coins to use on customized items – liquid color, happy glass faces or pen types. This can be an expensive method to gain simplistic changes in the visual of the game, which I personally don’t think is worth the cost. But, some may find a change in the liquid color or type of drawing pen refreshing.

The advertisements are a pro and con of the game. The con is that every few levels, you are subjected to a mindless preview of another game app for 30 second before you can X out of it. The pro is that after every level, you can activate a “Free Prize”, which is essentially a spinning wheel where you can earn coins or hints. In order to earn a spin you must watch an advertisement, but after that, you can continue to spin over and over again without needing to play another level…you just have to watch ads endlessly. After a good 30 minutes, you should have enough coins and hints earned to buy yourself some new in game items and to have enough hints to help get past most levels without any effort.

You can remove in game ads, but it will cost you.

Happy Glass is a relaxing puzzle game that will really make you stop and think on the best strategy to optimize your star obtainment goals. It is challenging, because you have to plan and almost test your ideas before finding the best solution to each level. But with the constant invasion of ads, and the ability to basically hint you way through the game with the endless spin wins – the game replay falls flat.

While I found it exciting to change up the color of my liquid in the level to something more visually appealing, there was nothing to really up the complexity of the game beyond having to think harder on how to complete each level — no major pitfalls, no invasive enemies (unless you can call the random balls placed throughout some levels that). 

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Leaves The Glass Half Full

I recommend the game for a fun, mindless game to play during some mental wind down time, but it is not one that you should invest physical money into... just stick it out and spin!

Replay Value: