Game Review: Brain It On! (Mobile)

I haven’t had a lot of time these days to game — being a full time mom and being overloaded at work does not provide much free time to play console games — so thankfully mobile games exist. What is better when you need a break from the craziness of the day, to just hop onto your phone and consume your mind with nerdy goodness at your fingertips.

And what is even better is when the game can help flex your brain muscles and challenge you in the most fun, yet frustrating ways.

I stumbled upon a unique game from Vancouver indie developer Orbital Nine, Brain It On! and since I am all about anything brainy … it was a must download.

At the core, Brain It On! is a puzzle game that applies all the dynamics of physics, including gravity, movement logic and cause vs effect theories. The game is broken up into 200 unique levels, wherein you must complete a specific task such as tipping a bowl, or sorting colored droplets into specific cups. This is done by using the only tool at your disposal — your finger. You must draw objects or lines in order to perform the required task in each level..

Seems simple enough, but each level also has a recommended shapes needed counter and time limit counter to pester you to stay within. I mean, the game can already be hard enough to strategically figure out, but lets add the pressure for completion.  To increase the complexity, sometimes where you draw something (such as a ball or straight line) the forces of gravity will take over and the object/line will actually drop. No free floating in this game! In order to keep a drawn object stationary, you must draw within it something to keep it stable against a wall or against the floor.

Within the puzzle, you may even need to utilize the floor and wall in order to complete your tasks. For example, there is a level that wants you to tip a “fruit bowl” oven and have all the fruit touch the floor for the count of 3. To do this, you need to draw a line with a wedge shape on it that will fall enough against the wall to tip the bowl. This sometimes take trial and error to get the right position, angle and design to successfully compete the task.

Probably the most complex obstacle I found the game is the “red area”, which is a marked off part of the level play screen that you cannot draw in, but any objects you create can enter. Sometimes its like ‘Throw an object into the red area”… and you kind of wonder how you will do this. Again it will take creativity and trial/error to get the exact results you want.

Each level allows you to earn three stars – one for completing the level, one for completing it within the pre-allotted shape count and one for doing it within the pre-allotted time limit. As the levels become increasingly more complex and require more strategy, it becomes equally difficult to score all three stars (unless you have the patience to grind away). . If a level becomes too frustrating, there is a option to purchase the level with in game.

Like in most puzzle games, gaining stars is important as it helps to unlock future levels. 

This game gives your brain exercise when it comes to high intensity strategy, but it’s also extremely frustrating after a few levels. Even the more simple levels require a lot of thought and planning to complete, especially when you have to take into account how the objects may fall in a manner you don’t expect, or you just simply cannot figure the level out. Sometimes it’s best to step away and think about the level and come back. Still a great game for anyone who wants a really good challenge and is into nerdy strategy.

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Complex, but challenging

While the game is not a simple puzzle game to play ocassionally, it is one that is worth coming back to time and time again to give your brain the healthy workout it needs.



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