Game Review: Battleborn Tap (Mobile)

I was made aware of Battleborn Tap from the menu’s in Gearbox’s latest release Battleborn, which shares minimal designs and its characters with this mobile game. The console version gave me a benefit of trying this mobile game out, a shiny new outfit skin for a character in the game, I was sold. So after a quick trip to the Google Play store, the free Battleborn Tap was installed and after linking the accounts between the game, I had the outfit. That’s where the fun ended as Battleborn Tap is merely a re-skinned version of another mobile game, Cookie Clicker.

Battleborn Tap sets your characters on the left, and your enemies on the right. The Battleborn you place will auto attack as your taps on the enemies fire a laser from offscreen. The faster you tap, the faster the laser fires. Like most mobile games, your fingers tend to get in the way, so for those with smaller phones, I’m sorry. Each character also has a special attack that either clears the screen, charges the enemy forces or just flat out kills things, use the ability and it has a cool down until you can use it again.

You can outfit those heroes with items that boost skills and a variety of other buffs, as well as traditional upgrades like increasing their damage and health. You can also upgrade your laser to do more damage and defeat foes quicker. These upgrades use money that drops from defeating enemies and clicking on ships that hover above occasionally. The main problem with your heroes auto attacking is the sensation that this game tends to play itself nearly all of the time. This realization is brought to the surface even more with the fact that turning off the game still has it earn you money, collecting the payload when you log back in. I left it for about 5 days and came back to just shy of a billion dollars, or gold, or whatever the currency wishes to be called.

You can summon more Battleborn by earning the amount needed to open up another slot. You also earn Artifacts, small purple squares, that unlock even more bonuses, like earning more cash when you are gone. It is like this game doesn’t want you to play it, all the signs are there.

When you get to a certain point in the game, and I can’t stress more how loosely I am using the term ‘game’, you can reset your progress to essentially move forward, earning more characters, gaining access to new worlds and while this is essential to progress further in the game, your character’s stats and your laser power strength will reset, basically starting fresh. The items you unlock to add buffs to your characters will remain, as will the effects from those Artifacts, but this creates a problem.

You earn this gold to upgrade your character’s damage and health, and various things to just make them better in combat, the same with your laser. But since the game is so easy and your characters only need a few seconds to respawn after dying, there is almost no need to level them up. Any items you earn that stick with them are not bought with gold. So what good is the gold?

You can purchase with real money another currency that unlocks caches of random items and various amounts of gold. You can also earn this currency by watching 30-second ads of other games and apps, and what is rather unsettling about this is the button to watch one of those advertisements never goes away. I can’t see the point in spending real money on this game as you don’t have any control on the Battleborn characters themselves. Giving them items to make them stronger or have better critical hit percentage is pointless as your taps and their attacks obliterate the enemies regardless of their level, and since you are building them up just to wipe their stats eventually, what’s the point?

In the end, Battleborn Tap served its purpose, I got a shiny new skin for my favorite character and that’s about it. The game has a nice look, flashy menu’s and some voice bits from the game, but sadly it is a hollow representation of what Battleborn is on console and PC. There isn’t any real reason to play this game, because sadly, you don’t really play Battleborn Tap, you are merely along for the ride.

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