Game Review: A Good Snowman is Hard to Build (Mobile)

Do you want to build a snowman??

No, I’m not talking about that song from Frozen that is know is still stuck in everyone’s head. I’m talking about the fun loving, addictive independent developed puzzle game: A Good Snowman is Hard to Build.

In the game, you play as an adorable black blobby monster, who travels throughout a hedged maze garden environment—-yard to yard— pushing balls of snow together, building snowmen.

But this environment is not set up like a typical game of level by level, all the yards are stitched together, separated by hedges and every time you create a snowman, you “unlock” or “unhedge” access to the next yard. And visually it is just simply cute – no defined lines on objects, just fluffy color pallet and design, making it comfortable to the senses.

Each yard starts with three snowballs of predetermined size and you control the monster with basic touch screen movements, causing him to “roll” snowballs around the yard, pushing one into another to essentially stack up to create a tri-snowball figure…..a snowman.

Now the game is much more than just pushing snowballs together and calling it a day, no, you literally have to build a snowman. You have to adhere to snowman dynamics and stack all three sections of the snowman in size order, from large to medium to small. To make it even more complicated, each yard has a predetermined amount of snow on the ground to help grow snowballs to larger sizes. This causes you to use strategy, because rolling anything small or medium sized over snowy terrain will cause the snowball to increase in size….and you can’t have an un-uniformed snowman can you??

If you unfortunately find that your snowman just doesn’t look right, there are a few options. If the area around your snowman has open space, you can simply just knock the snowballs off and try again, or simply just press the reset option and the current yard you were working on will reset.

Every snowman sprouts a unique outfit (face, hat and accessories) once fully built, is given a unique name and is sealed with a big hug by the fun loving monster.

If rolling around snowballs is too exhausting after a while, sit your monster down on one of the benches to just take a break or even just let the game run idle and you will see the little guy wave at you and try to get your attention or make gestures to interact with you…. or go find a telescope and take a new view of the garden.

Between the cute graphics and the adorable little monster, this game is perfectly enjoyable to play. The game pushes you from “Oh this is a neat game…” to “Omg you need to play this NOW” within the span of a few minutes. Unlike many puzzle games, it doesn’t score you out of stars; it doesn’t have defined levels…. it’s just a constant roll, stack, admire, hug and move on. While that seems sort of boring, each snowman has a unique look, and is uniquely built. You have to constantly be strategizing in order to make the balls just the right size. I really enjoyed at times just walking throughout the garden and walking past the different snowmen that I had built…wherein the monster says each of their names as he passes and admires them. It’s like they all are his friends….so cute!!

This game is worth every cent spent on it. It is endless fun and is great for all types of gamers….but especially for those looking for a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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