Bacon The Game (Mobile)

It is a known fact that everything is better when you put bacon on it…

That is the absolute point of Bacon – The Game, a fun single tap motion controlled action puzzle game from developer Phillipp Stollenmayer.

While the idea of only needing to tap the screen to play the game sounds too simplistic and ideally boring, the game itself is actually quite complex. The game wants you to put bacon on literally everything – hamburgers, pancakes, on a handsome cowboy, on a code segment, into a toilet — even on a pile of bacon.

Sometimes the item that you are putting bacon on will have a personal touch as the game will at times utilize the front facing camera on your device and make your face part of the item – hello gorgeous! Imagine yourself as the Mona Lisa or as a cowboy with a big mustache.

The game puts you in control of two things. The first is a frying pan, which with the tap of your screen allows the pan to flip the bacon in the air and upon the item that needs a touch of bacon. The other is a hand at the start of each level that dangles a yummy piece of bacon above the pan that slowly sways back and forth, and once you are ready…with one click the hand will release the bacon.

Now the real skill is using some thought into when to drop the bacon and when to flip the pan. Release the bacon too soon and it may totally miss hitting your pan allowing it to fall behind the handle, send it too late and you may not have enough time to make a reasonable flip. And then sometimes you have the consider the object and how the shape will affect where the bacon can land. Rounded objects are horrible for a slippery piece of bacon, and even if you can land the bacon in place it has to stay there for essentially a 3 count otherwise you have to try again. I found trying to land bacon on words or something with a lot of gaps were the more difficult ones.

If you cannot get the bacon on the item at first, keep trying. The game will continuously supply you with a piece of bacon to your hearts desire.

When you are successful in placing bacon on the item, a in game “photo” is taken to commemorate your bacon goodness.

Each item that you are adding bacon to is called a “Food Hack”, and there appears to be countless hacks available…this game appears to have no end. As you complete one, the next one is made available in numerical order.

If you stumble upon a item that is just too hard to put bacon on, you have the option to watch in game advertisements in order to gain a skip to another food hack. There doesn’t appear to be a way to go back to previously played/skipped food hacks so hopefully you are ok with never being a complete bacon conqueror.

Bacon – The Game is a fun, witty and humorous game that while simple, and sometimes challenging, is truly addictive and will keep you entertained every time you come back to it. What a better way to spend spare time than flipping bacon at things that you never though you could. Every time you open the app, the game starts off on the Food Hack you were last at.

While I don’t advise tossing bacon on real life everyday items (especially your mate), I highly recommend getting this game and enjoying some good bacon fun for yourself.

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Bacon, Bacon, EVERYWHERE!

The game is creative and addictive. Unique concept and inventive design. I dare you to not get hooked on it!

Unique Concept: