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Lovely Planet 2: April Skies Review

I literally had no words when I began playing this game, and I went in completely blind. I have since learned that it is a 1st person shooter and sequel to “the most adorable and critically acclaimed FPS Gun Ballet of 2014”.

This game is adorable! You’ll have to bounce and shoot your way through 100 levels over 5 planets, and there’s a new game mode that lets you further challenge yourself. Going through the levels it teaches you how to run, jump and shoot and making each level progressively harder.

The red squares are the baddies and the darker square’s are your friends. The goal is to make it to the end pillar without dying but to do this you have to shoot the red baddies.

And when you get to the purple pillar the game scores you! There will be different challenges as the levels progress, such as a bad dude behind a fence, or a jump pad you need to jump to but there are also bad guys shooting at you!

This is a really fun game to pass some time, and it seems like it could also get to be a challenge. I would highly recommend picking this up on Steam . It is currently on sale so jump on this bargain!

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