Hardware Unboxing/Review: Nintendo Switch Wired Controller (Character Series)

The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate handheld gaming console, with the handy capabilities of the “game anywhere” design and the sharable Joy-Con multiplayer capabilities.

While this was the perfect option for those who loved games that involved friendly co-op, there came along a hiccup….in the form of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

While this game could easily be played with a Joy Con turned horizontally, the small device and cumbersome buttons eliminate the intense feeling of control that you need when doing rapid button mash combos.

Thus, just like the Classic Controller that came out for the Wii U, Nintendo came out with the Wired Controller for the Switch.

Now, you could just settle for a simple black controller…. but luckily Nintendo knew that some gamers would be thrilled to be able to have a unique controller featuring some of their favorite Smash characters. Not long after the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Character Series of the Switch Wired Controller was released.

Now some are harder to find than others, but luckily I found the one I was looking for…….


The packaging is punched with color, detail and unique Mario like quirk. Many of the key features of the controller are outlined, and it is easy to see how detailed the imaging on the body is and how ergonomic the shape of the controller body is. This controller just based on the box looks ready to smash and kick some butt.

Opening the flap, there is the only other part that you need other than the controller itself…. the 8ft removable USB cable. The cable is long enough that it doesn’t interfere with gaming room and doesn’t make you need to get closer to the Switch console while battling it out.

Within the depths of the box, sat the prime prize …. the Bower Character Controller in all its glory. I was surprised with its size, it much like the size of a XBOX ONE controller, unlike the Wii U Pro Controller or even the controller adapter for the Joy Cons, which are both a much smaller fit within the typical grasp of a gamer. The placement of the thumbsticks, triggers, bumpers and ergonomic fit is very much identical to other mainstream controllers.

The imaging etching is high quality, and is exactly as expected. It was interesting to see that glossing and color scaling further enhances the curves and intricate design of the controller.

The grips and entire front surface of the controller is made of a soft touch material, which makes it extremely enjoyable to hold for a lengthy amount of time (which is important in the case of playing a battle royal type game). It’s almost like holding a controller made of memory foam. This material eliminates the hand cramping that occurs when you are either holding a controller for too long, or you are applying too much pressure constantly due to the intense gaming.

The backplate is a rubberized grip in the case of those with extra long fingers, so your finger tips aren’t pushing up against a hard plastic.

I have had a lot of time playing with this controller since I bought it, and I find that for many of my games, I turn to use it. I easily could use a Joy Con assembly, but since I am a natural console gamer (primarily XBOX), it feels more comfortable to have a hand full of controller.

The controller has a fast response time, and is built to endure intense button mashing.

Every household that has a Switch needs to have a controller like this, because there is always going to be a game that is more comfortable to play with a natural feeling controller…or even as a better option for a second player if you don’t want to shell out the high cost for another set of Joy-Cons.

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Confortable and Ready for Battle

A must have controller for any Nintendo Switch household. Ergonomic feel, comfortable material and unique customizable design based on your favorite Nintendo characters..