Hardware Unboxing: Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Everyone has a keyboard, and sometimes you just need to have a certain brand or type to finish off that set you are building for your gaming rig.  I myself kind of have a mix bag of Logitech and Steelseries, but for Tali, and many others out there … it’s Razer.   So finally after months of plotting and scheming we decided to upgrade her keyboard from a generic USB model from Walmart, to a Razer Ornata Chroma (in actuality, she picked it up off of the shelf and put it in my hands and said here, we are getting this).

Why a Razer Ornata and not a Blackwidow?  Well the Ornata was on sale.  It is that simple.  But now to the unboxing.


Like all Razer products, the Ornata Chroma comes in a nicely labeled box with the black and green motif that all
Razer products have.  The front features the image of the Ornata, as well as a window allowing you to try out the arrow keys.  Razer prides itself on its mechanical keyboards, but the Ornata is something different. This keyboard is a membrane/mechancial hybrid.  On the back of the box is the standard feature specs you find with any keyboard, and Razer goes into a lot of detail.  An important feature because of their price point.

Opening the box, we find the Ornata wedged between 2 custom pieces of closed-cell packing foam, and the keyboard itself is covered with a clear plastic shell.  Razer manufacturs premium equipment for gamers, and the inside of this box definitely demonstrates that premium feel and attention to detail.  Tucked into the lid of the box is the standard Razer instruction manual and 2 Razer logo stickers.

After removing the keyboard, we find the magnetic wrist rest tucked underneath.  This wrist rest is wrapped in a plastic bag for protection, and once removed, has a nice leathery feel to it.  It is soft, and probably will offer great comfort for the user after extended periods of gaming.  

The USB cord for the Ornata is braided like all other Razer products, which is a great touch, and the connector is gold plated.  Size wise, the Ornata is only about 2″ longer than the generic keyboard she was using, which is great since my planned lap-desk for her was already drawn and planned out using the generic one.

The feature Tali was most wanting was the Chroma, to match her Kraken Chroma headphones and Tartarus gamepad.  The Chroma functions on all three items via Razer’s Synapse software, allowing you to customize the RGB effect and sync it between everything Chroma.  We tested it out and found the RGB backlights to be bright and vibrant.

Overall the premium feel of this product, and the premium packaging makes the Ornata feel like an expensive piece of equipment, even though it is at a slightly lower price  point when compared to the Blackwidow, it still should fit into anyone’s Razer collection perfectly.

Tali will be doing a review in the coming weeks once she has had some time to use they Ornata, and my video build log of her Lap-desk will be coming soon also.

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