Hardware Unboxing: HyperX Fury Mousepad

In 2002, Kingston Technology launched a new high performance memory modules called the HyperX.  This line of product always focused on the enthusiast gamer and carried over the years since, with the HyperX Fury line of memory as one of the best.  A few years ago, the HyperX line of products grew to encompass gaming peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and headsets.  While there are other brands and manufacturers to choose from, HyperX always seemed to have quality of their side.  The latest HyperX product in my gaming arsenal is the HyperX Fury full size mouse pad.

Full size mouse pads.  That term isn’t something you hear often, and when you think of a mouse pad, you think of a square or rectangle on your desk, next to your keyboard where you mouse moves freely.  A full size mouse pad is just that, a mouse pad, but it is usually larger.  Large enough that it will encompass your mouse and keyboard, and still have room to spare.

The HyperX Fury mouse pad comes in a nice looking black box, with product selling features on the front, along with a preview window for consumers to feel the mousing surface.  The sheer size of the box is daunting, and will definitely let you know this isn’t any ordinary mouse pad.

The sides of the box are pretty simple, with just the HyperX logo and the item name on it.  The back of the box contains more detailed information about the Fury.


When removed from the box, the fury is rolled into a nice ‘jelly roll’, and unrolls really easily.  The Fury doesn’t retain any of the roll shape, which is nice.  The Fury unrolls to a large 900mm x 420mm.  The feel and texture of the Fury is amazingly soft, and smooth to the touch, and the rubber backing has a surprisingly large amount of grip to it.  The Fury comes in 4 different sizes, with this model being the biggest, and the smallest measuring 290mm x 240mm.

A review for this mouse-pad will be done once I get a few days of testing under my belt.  In the mean time, here is a shot of the Fury and the PulseFire FPS together.

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