Hardware Unboxing: HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

Recently at the Edmonton Expo, Game-Refraction.com had the opportunity to catch up with Patrick and Mike from HyperX to check out all the drool worthy gaming peripherals that they had on hand … which included their newest release…. a headset by the name of Cloud Alpha.

Check out our interview with HyperX here: Edmonton Expo 2017: HyperX Interview with Mike & Patrick

I had the chance to be one of the first to try on the headset and check out its capabilities using music from my mobile, and the sound was unbelievable. With it releasing on September 25, 2017 – I knew at that point that I would be saving up to buy one as I have been searching for a gaming headset to call my own. So what a surprise it was to be pushing through the workday as a lowly electronics repair tech and to be surprised with a package….one which contained… a Cloud Alpha headset!! At this point a total geeky dumbfounded me just went through the all the emotions… wow!!

I knew that I could not wait to break in the headset, so here is a closer look at the HyperX Cloud Alpha via its official unboxing on Game-Refraction.com

The box for the HyperX Cloud Alpha is standard design and is very similar to that of its other products – the front contains a featured photo of the headset, details some unique details of the product to grab your attention, while the sides and back contains further details on the product (including in multiple languages).

The other shell slides off with a simple ease….and your heartbeat slows as the inner box is revealed. It was very simplistic as a black box embossed with the HyperX symbol in silver. Simple…but so breathtaking because you know that the ultimate satisfaction is just behind that cover. They make you work for it as the box is perfectly fitted to be snug, but once you are able to pry open the box.. you are greeted by the Cloud Alpha itself, along with all its cables and gear.


HyperX is not only just a company of gaming gear, but a family of gaming kind. Included in the box is a simplistic manual that tells you how to best hook the headset to different devices including PC, PS4 and XBOX using the inline audio cable. But there is also a friendly note from the HyperX team welcoming you to your product and giving you all the warm and fuzzies.

Now to the best part!!

The Cloud Alpha is neatly packaged within a molded plastic shell that keeps it protected but also in position. Removing the headset, you also come across the detachable headset and another black HyperX box that contains the two audio cables and a very soft HyperX carry bag for the Cloud Alpha (which is so soft its like you are truly covering the Cloud Alpha with a cloud).

The Cloud Alpha comes with two detachable braided audio cables, a cable that contains standard single 4 pole 3.5 mm jack with convenient inline audio controls that allow for muting and volume adjustments at your fingertips, and an extender cable that has two 4 pole 3.5 mm jacks for PCs that have separate headphone and mic jacks. The cables are very flexible and the feel of the braid is smooth. You can really appreciate the sturdiness of the cable as compared to the rubber type found on most headsets on the market.

The noise cancelling headset for the Cloud Alpha is completely detachable, which is a benefit because sometimes you just want to utilize the audio side of a headset versus having a mic in the way. Also, being detachable helps in avoiding damaging it during transport.

The Cloud Alpha headset itself is stunning. The sleek feel of the memory foam on the audio ear pads makes you feel as though you have soft cloud like pillows encompassing your ears. The body is made of sturdy aluminum with an extendable body, which is great because not everyone has the same head size. The entire headset has a soft leatherette covering it, allowing for a more comfortable feeling against your head while wearing, and just adds to the sleek design.

I am super excited to try out the Cloud Alpha with all my available devices. Look forward to my review of the headset in the next coming weeks.

If you cannot wait and want to experience the awesomeness of the HyperX Cloud Alpha for yourself, check out your local Staples (exclusive retailer) or follow the link: https://www.staples.ca/en/HyperX-Cloud-Alpha-Pro-Gaming-Headset-for-PC-PS4-Xbox-One-Nintendo-Switch-HX-HSCA-RD-AM-/product_2797830_2-CA_1_20001

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