Hardware Review: Xbox One S Controller

With the release of the new Xbox One Console S comes a brand new controller has been released alongside it and apart from looking fairly similar, it has a few noteworthy changes that may make it worthwhile for you to pick up.

First, the color. Microsoft calls it ‘Robot White’ and it’s similar to the Lunar controller but a few shades ‘whiter’. The entire back of the controller is also white, making the whole device rather striking.

The most drastic visual change is the addition of extending the outer shell at the top, making the Xbox Dashboard button now surrounded by that outer shell instead of separate like every other controller before it. Aesthetically it really adds something new to the overall design, and should you customize your own controller via the design shop on the Xbox Website, this will be the same controller template to be used.

Much like the prior few models, a 3.5mm headphone jack is present, making it easier for older headsets to be used, and of course any new ones as well. It still has the adapter port should you be rocking that adapter for older headsets.

The controller also has twice the wireless range making it better for larger rooms and stability in smaller ones. There is also Bluetooth support for Windows 10, eliminating the need for that adapter dongle the previous controllers needed.

The new thumbstick design feels more gritty and built towards reducing wear, allowing you to get more life out of the controller down the road. The controller also has a textured feel all around making it far easier to hold and have a solid grip on. It’s not as impressive as the Lunar controller with regard to a textured grip, but it certainly is a step forward in the right direction when compared to any of the other controllers available.

The new controller retails for $74.99 in Canada and $59.99 in the US. It’s definitely better than the previous controllers before it, but sadly still falls short against the Elite controller, but given the huge price gap between them, it’s still a solid bet for a standard controller.

Again, should you not want this controller in ‘Robot White’, visit the Xbox One design shop via the official website and pick various color options to customize the back, front, analog sticks and more.

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